Introduction of Imperial Edict System

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Introduction of Imperial Edict System

Post by Goddess » 2015-07-17 15:09

Imperial Edict system will be unlocked when players reach 110th level, the details of introductions are as follows:

Warrior Flame
Warrior Flame is used for unlocking and upgrading the Imperial Edict as well as polishing the Mature Beast Spirit. Player can get it from the
reward of every Chaotic War battle, and daily top 8 rank player.

Imperial Edict
Partners can equip the Imperial Edict to promote attribute.
After this feature is unlocked , click the
Imperial Edicticon to show Sealed Imperial Edict.

Players need to spend the Warrior Flame to unlock Imperial Edict, when the unlock progress is full can directly used 20 millions coins to convert Obsolete Imperial Edict.

Practice Imperial Edict
In this feature players can spend Warrior Flame and Coin to practice The Imperial Edict. When the practice experience is full, the level of Imperial Edict can be upgraded.

Lv 1-10 Obsolete Imperial Edict
Lv 11-20 Superior Imperial Edict
Lv 21-30 Flawless Imperial Edict
Lv 31-40 Epic Imperial Edict
Lv 41-50 Legend Imperial Edict

Exp.required to Level Up
Lv 1-10 1000
Lv 11-20 2000
Lv 21-30 5000
Lv 31-40 10000
Lv 41-50 10000

Every single practice increase a random Exp. 100-200

Imperial Edict Attribute
The attribute of Imperial Edict include:
HP,Defend (Physical, Magic, Skill), Physical Attack,Skill Attack, Critical, Hit, Dodge, Block

Attribute is related to the level of Imperial Edict. Different Potential Points and Star number of Mature Beast Spirit also influence the Attribute.

Mature Beast Spirit
Every Imperial Edict has 4 kinds of Mature Beast Spirit. When upgrade Imperial Edict,players can get Potential Point. Potential point can be distributed to each Mature Beast Spirit to promote corresponding attribute.
Seiryu Beast Spirit: give effect to HP and Dodge attribute
Byakko Beast Spirit: give effect to P. Attack and Critical Strike attribute
Suzaku Beast Spirit: give effect to S. Attack and Hit attribute
Genbu Beast Spirit: give effect to Defense and Block attribute

Polish the Mature Beast Spirit
Mature Beast Spirit has different Star Number, the higher Star Number and corresponding Potential Point, the higher attribute will be. Players can promote the Mature Beast Spirit through polish.
Ordinary Polish: spend 1 Warrior Flame, 500k coins
Gold Polish : spend 20 Gold, 500K coins

Lock Mature Beast Spirit
Players can lock the selected Mature Beast Spirit to polish; Every time lock one Mature Beast Spirit, will spend extra 1 Warrior Flame + 500K coins or 20 Gold + 500K coins.

Potential Points Reset
Players can spend 20 Gold to reset the already distributed of Potential Points.

Defend Imperial Edict
In war,the player can activate the effect of Defend Imperial Edict. The higher levelof Imperial Edict, more powerful the effect will be.

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