Tips on World Boss [Shared] [pic]

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Tips on World Boss [Shared] [pic]

Post by Goddess » 2014-05-16 15:36

In this game, the most important event of the daily events besides Hegemony (you need to be strong for this event) is World Boss. One of the best ways to earn Fame is participating in this event.
You can receive fame points and coins from this event. This is one of the best places to use your Gold.

The point of collecting Fame is to recruit stronger partner.
For example, 20000 fame points is needed to recruit Xu Chu, 100k to recruit Zhao Yun, 150000 to recruit Ma Chao, etc
20000 Xu Chu

100000 Zhao Yun

150000 Ma Chao

For World Boss event, formation is very important. Try to adjust your formation until you find one that fits your team.

For example from the picture above (level 55 with 5 people formation), Boss hit sequences are:
Fourth – Fifth – First – Third – Second
So everyone has their definite position.
Forget defense for now, because everyone will be killed in 1 hit anyway
Put the one with the strongest attack on Second
The one with second strongest attack on Third
The one with third strongest attack on First
The one with fourth strongest attack on Fifth
The one with the weakest attack on Fourth

Formation for Level 55

Formation for level 30-55 (with 4 people on formation)

That should be the most efficient formation to get the best damage.

But of course if you wish to get a high rank or place in front, you’re going to need to spend some Gold to revive.
As for my personal opinion, use the resurrect option early, because it only costs 5 Gold.
And also, automatic battle feature will be unlocked after you reach level 51.

For the first rank, there are 2 prizes.

The first one is potion scroll, and another one is equipment scroll, very useful for a player that has just reached level 60 because Elite Hero at level 60 is quite hard to defeat and that means no scrolls can be obtained.

Collect lots of WangHun equipment scrolls while you’re still at level 5x, and you can upgrade your equipments easily when you reach level 60 (this way you’ll be stronger than other players that also have reached level 60)

Last tips, use the resurrect option to increase fighting power and try to get the last hit.
I’ve tried it myself and got it 3 times

Try to not miss any World Boss events, boost morale with art points to +100%, and of course you’ll need to spend a little Gold. It’s a pretty good source to get coins and fame points to make your team stronger.