Basic Strategy [Shared]

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Basic Strategy [Shared]

Post by Goddess » 2014-05-17 6:11

Bellow is some strategies and guides shared by a couple of players.

1. Making Money
The currency in this game is Coin, almost every things you do need Coins. So a better way to make coin is one of the most important things in this game. Some ways to make coins: tasks, duplications, Treasure Pot, mine, Seeking god in YiZhou, Vendor.
Tasks and duplication are pretty much the same for everyone, so the other 4 ways are where you can utilize to get ahead. First is Treasure Pot, this is one of the earliest features in the game, a lot of people use Treasure Pot as one of coins income method. But sadly this is a relatively inefficient way to get coins on early stage of the game ( because the amount of coins you get from treasure pot depends on your current level ) , spending Gold on Treasure Pot is not as good as spending Gold on Mine. So, it’s recommended to spend Gold to purchase vigor before using Treasure Pot.

My advice is not to try luck while escorting, instead just spend 200 Gold to summon Dragon Boat. It’s quite expensive but still worth it considering the coins and 1000 Fame points you’ll get. If you don’t have enough Gold, then just escort the smallest boat. At the same time, try to ask help from higher level player to protect your boat so you won’t get intercepted, your friend will also receive fame points as reward.

For Vendor, it depends on how many Token you got, other than to be exchanged to Potion scroll, Token also can be traded with Coin bag, 1 Green Token can be traded with 36000 Coins. Especially for VIP player, where usually can get more than enough Tokens, it’s better to exchange it to coins rather than filling backpack. For VIP3 or higher players can obtain 27 Tokens every day, can be exchanged for roughly 1 million coins.

2. Fame and Partners
Fame point is crucial, Fame point is needed to recruit partners, so I’m going to explain them both. First is Fame point, which can be obtained from (from the higher to lesser points obtained): Daily event, Seeking god in YiZhou, Arena, Guild Contribution, Roses, Holy Wu.
Daily events like World Boss and Hegemony, although they mainly depend on power, but you also need strategy to maximize your performance on them. Remember to save enough art points so you can boost morale, keep boosting morale until you get +100% Fighting power, next is how you arrange your formation. Your main character must be on the bottom line when fighting World Boss, and partner with high attack power should be in the upper line, and weaker partners can be placed in the middle line.

Seeking God in YiZhou, this has been discussed on money making section. Either escort small boat or just summon Dragon Boat, don’t waste Gold to try luck.

Arena, this one also depends on fighting power, but the trick is to store 2 chances to challenge, so if at the last moment someone defeats you, you can still fight back.

For Guild Contribution, it is advised to either not spend any Gold, or use the highest one. The middle one is not really worth it because the fame points you get is quite small.

As for partners, they all got their own characteristic, the important thing is too see how they fit your strategy. I’m just going to talk about partners that I’ve used before.

Ruo Yi: The best partner for early game, can be used until level 70 for players without a lot of Gold. High critical, her technique hits 2 times, very good attacking partner.

Deng Ai: Can be used as a shield on early game, can evade and block, but very moderate, Can be quite helpful on early Elite Duplicate stages. But after you can recruit Ding Feng, you should replace him.

Guan Yin Ping: Quite good on early game, her attack is quite powerful, and has a technique that can stun enemy and increase attack. After you reached 50000 fame points and can recruit Xu Chu, then you can replace her.

Ding Feng: One of the best defensive partners, a lot of players like to recruit Huang Gai as their tanker, but in my opinion DingFeng is better. Though HuangGai’s attack is a little more powerful but Ding Feng is better at blocking. If you’re not a Barbarian and in need of 1 tanker member, Ding Feng is definitely the best choice, can be used until level 70.

Gan Ning: Nothing special, I do not recommend this partner.

Cai Yan: The only magician on early game. If you like to pvp, then I recommend her because her attack against main character is quite high. But because of her low survivability, she isn’t a favorite. Whether to recruit her or not is absolutely up to you.

Huang Gai: A human shield, you can consider to recruit him, but I personally like Ding Feng better.

Zhou Tai: Not really special, I do not recommend him.

Xiao Qiao: Partner with high attack power, has a technique that targets 1 line. She is quite good at pvp or stages, but her constellation requirement is quite high, so you can choose not to recruit her if you’re not a VIP player.

Tai Shi Ci: Human shield, but not as good as Ding Feng, not recommended.

Sun Shang Xiang: The first partner that has a technique that targets all enemies. Unless you’re a high level VIP player, I don’t recommend her. But if used by a high level VIP player, can be very scary, able to kill all enemies in a very short time.

Xu Chu: Very good offensive partners, can increase attack after using technique, and can also evade enemy’s attacks. Definitely a mid-early game must have partner.

Zhou Yu: Is very handsome, but other than that no other advantages.

Yu Shi: Stronger version of Cai Yan, and very sexy, must recruit! Hehe..

Zhang Liao: Very common, not recommended.

Xu Huang: Very common, not recommended.

Zhao Yun: Godlike general! A must recruit! His attack is higher than Xu Chu, and also has a high critical rate. Scary damage, a must have