【S1-S82】Introduction of 'Partner Vein' Feature

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【S1-S82】Introduction of 'Partner Vein' Feature

Post by Goddess » 2015-10-27 15:34

Acupuncture is a substantial part of traditional Chinese medicine.
Early acupuncture believes on concepts that there is a life force energy called Qi.
Qi was believed to flow from the body’s primary organs to the “superficial” body tissues of the skin, muscles, tendons, bones and joints,
through channels called meridians.

Carolgames will open the new feature for you, that is : ‘Partner Vein’ Feature !
To know further about this new feature, please check the following introduction :

Partner Vein feature will be opened for the partners who already learn the Star Technique and reach Lv 160.

There are two kinds of Veins which can be activated, those are : Du Vein and Ren Vein.

Du Vein will focus on Defense and Ren Vein will focus on Attack
Punctures your Vein in one of Du Vein/ Ren Vein accupoint to open the locked attribute.
Pei Yuan Pill and coin will be needed when you do puncture in acupoint.
After the acupoint exp is full, then acupoint is activated.

After reach the assigned acupoint, then Vein Polish and Vein Star Upgrade can be started.

You can click Du Vein Quality or Ren Vein Quality to start the activation.
Vein activation is divided into 2 types, those are Vein Star Upgrade and Vein Polish. More high the Vein Star level, the attribute which you can get at the time of you do Vein Polish will be better.

If you have any question or need further assistance, don’t be hesitate to contact us at : cs@carolgames.com

Keep the warrior spirit ! Happy Gaming !

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