Last Event of 2017~!

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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by Hien_S106 » 2017-12-30 9:25

Hey, nice event

my newyears resolution is to play this game more often and hit to the gym.

im on server 106light

nickanme is Hien

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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by DANJUR » 2017-12-30 9:45

Name : Gillian Robbins

Server: s 121 Revival-EST

Here's wishing you more happiness
Than all my words can tell,
Not just alone for New Years Eve
But for all the year as well.

Merry Merry Christmas 2017 , Happy Wonderful New Year 2018 !!!

Ayumi Chan S93
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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by Ayumi Chan S93 » 2017-12-30 12:55

Name: Ayumi Chan

Server: S93

1)How did you spend your Christmas

- Eating with friends & family, watching movies, playing STK and of course opening presents =D

2)What your new year resolution for 2018?

- Eat more, watch more dramas and play more STK =D

Ann Choo
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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by Ann Choo » 2017-12-30 13:29

Happy New Year STK Team!

My new year resolution for 2018..mmmmmm..

earn more money and travel around the world with my family and find new boyfriend lol!

I spend my christmas day with my family, went to church and having our christmas eve dinner together.

anddddddd playing my stk game on my handphone .tsk! tsk!


S114, Ann Choo

ian macrae
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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by ian macrae » 2017-12-30 14:21

X Mas was spent with family,kids opening gifts and having a few drinks and feed with relatives.

New Years res........quit smoking.

Nic....Grayson Dingle

Server.....S124 Lu Bu-EST

Orlando Giuca
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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by Orlando Giuca » 2017-12-30 16:56

Nickname: Micheal Dimmick

Server: S124 Lu Bu-EST

Xmas spent with my family.

New year res.. quit smoking :D .

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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by Emilia » 2017-12-30 22:32

I wish a marvellous 2018 year

I spend my hollydays to visiting a south of Spain based to Sevilla (i am from France)

my resolution for 2018 is to make workout evry day at least 20 min

Zackery Swofford.89.89 from S78

Emilia Devine.90.89 from S79

Essence Ritson.91.89 from S80

Colbert Redfearn.92.92 from S81

Da Cao.93.92 from S82

Keaton Hepburn.94.92 from S83

Jon Ringwood_S91
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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by Jon Ringwood_S91 » 2017-12-31 1:21

a- playing stk

b- be better player

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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by derek » 2017-12-31 1:23

My Christmas and New Year Resolution is staying home fixing the computer and window due to bugging and lagging issue of the game. Hope next year this game will be more stability and less buggs. Happy New Year all !! from ign: Derek, S120.

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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by mare21 » 2017-12-31 3:53

arabella anselm

server S123 Xiao Qiao-EST

i spent my chritmas with family having fun and palying games.

My new years resolution is to have fun and not take anything for granted