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Last Event of 2017~!

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Mikhael Gavr

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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post2018-01-01 4:08

Happy New Year!

Mikhael Gavr S112 Glory 

I spent my christmas at home relaxing. 

My New Year's resolution is to graduate college this semester with a degree in biochemistry and get a job in my field. 

I don't know if that counts as a "resolution" because I'm going to do it no matter what. 

I guess I can throw in exercise more, eat healthier and read more often.



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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post2018-01-01 15:45

Name- any69rr

Server- 110

Spent Christmas with my husband and our extended family

My New Years resolution is to volunteer more and help others in more need then my self



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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post2018-01-04 8:45

First time participating forum event. 

Huo Qibing - S103 (Sacred Lotus)

Red Beard - S109 (World)

1. Christmas spent hanging out with my family (good food, entertainment, lazying around) and playing my 2 char on stk :-)

2. New year resolution is to at least double up on the money I make in 2017 - sounds greedy but pragmatic.. lol

Have a great 2018. cheers.


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