Last Event of 2017~!

Kirk Cavanaugh@fb
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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by Kirk Cavanaugh@fb » 2017-12-31 3:59

spent it with my dad and step mpm's family. new years resolution is to get my girlfriend to stop lieing to me.

Eric D Morgan@fb
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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by Eric D Morgan@fb » 2017-12-31 8:24

Name: Eric D Morgan@fb

Server: S126 Kong Ming- (hope this is enough, couldn't read past the dash)

I actually spent my Christmas home alone for most of the day until my daughter came home from her mother's house. I'm the one with custody, well at least for another 6 months, then she will be 18 and free to do as she pleases in 6 months. Anyway decided to try a new game and this one looked interesting so I started on Christmas day, which is the same day this server was activated.

I have no resolutions as I almost never follow thru with them.

Happy New Year to all!!!

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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by Mr.Pedobear » 2017-12-31 9:53

@Trickster97 - S121 Revival

Spend Chrismast in dorm with fellow classmate....Fried chicken was a drinks that night lol

Hope to graduate with awesome grade this year!

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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by Sigurd_S121 » 2017-12-31 12:44

Name: Sigurd

Server: S121 Revival

I spent the Christmas holidays with my family.

In the new year I plan to continue to play in STK.

Happy new year 2018!!!
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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by » 2017-12-31 13:56

hi all.. i spent Christmas alone at home....just play STK.

in this a new year 2018... i will spent to play STK....

Happy New Years 2018 all... God bless you.

and Thanks before for my team in Guild...

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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by Isabella » 2017-12-31 14:44

spent christmas day with my daughter its still special time too her and now we waiting to watch new years fireworks.

new years resolution hmm they are too hard to keep so best to make a promise instead. promise to get out more and stop playing computer games lol

ChaosSword s122 Diao Chan EST

Tessa Downham_S115
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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by Tessa Downham_S115 » 2017-12-31 14:54

I spent my chrismas working overtime ... and my new year resolution is to spend more time with family and friends!

Jacqueline Frost, S90

Eme Sky@fb
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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by Eme Sky@fb » 2017-12-31 21:16

Nickname: Pearl

Server:S123 Xiao Qiao-

I spent my Christmas in family having fun and singing carols.

My New Years' Resolution is to be more active and have time for everything.

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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by Sniperx » 2018-01-01 3:45

Name- Hawke

Server- 117

Spent Christmas with my wife and family.

New years resolution, don't have one although I have some goals I wish to attain I don't think they count as resolutions.

shamolovs Vetrov@google
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Re: Last Event of 2017~!

Post by shamolovs Vetrov@google » 2018-01-01 3:59

This year, coincidentally,that this holiday coincided with my vacation.I went to visit my friends,there was a festive meal,we gave each other and gifts to children from Santa Claus.Then launched fireworks and firecrackers.We celebrated the arrival of the new year with different countries according to their time zone:)Met New year very funny:)Congratulations to administration with the New year and I hope that in 2018 we spent together with our beloved game:)))

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