Saint Zhuge Liang

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stjepan marovic
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Saint Zhuge Liang

Post by stjepan marovic » 2018-02-06 14:09

I have rly hard time in pvp when my team is up agains saint Zhuge Liang,if i dont kill him in my first att he seal my team and i lose everytime

Is there any other saint that can counter Zhuge Liang

For now i am runing my main,saint Lu Bu,saint Guan Yinping,saint Zhang Fei and child

Any advice will be appreciatet

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Re: Saint Zhuge Liang

Post by rey_S16 » 2018-02-07 2:09

if u lost on initation, use skill mage child, vow of dragon.. her skill can remove lock skill and other enemy buff status.. put on first hit

give him boar pet to remove lock skill..

if u win initation, u can use skill bright moon on your main char, status bright moon can ignore enemy buff..

see that bettle report


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