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Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day Event!

Posted: 2018-02-13 1:30
by Goddess


Happy Valentine's Day! Well to be honest, I'm not always a fan of Valentine's Day, yes it's beautiful and gives us a great chance to show our affection to the ones we love, but when we are single or not in good terms with our significant other / family, it reminds us of the imperfections of our relationships, and it makes us to have certain expectations.
But hey, no matter what happens or how you spend your Valentine's Day, we are here and we love you! We wish you all a great Valentine's Day!
And as this year's Chinese New Year is really close to Valentine's Day, we have prepared a series of special events for you!

Event 1Chinese New Year Fortune Gift!
Maybe most of you don't know what exactly is Chinese New Year, to give a little background, I will explain it a little bit for you who are interested~
Well it's literally what we call it, it's new year for Chinese! Apparently we have our own separate calendar, and the new year is the biggest holiday of the year for us Chinese, some also call them Lunar New Year, because our calendar is based on lunar cycle, or phases of the moon, it basically counts the moon cycles from one "spring" to another.

And on cultural side, we always celebrate new year by gathering with our family, saying blessings to each other, and giving Red Envelopes to children or to those who haven't married. Maybe because traditionally, we view marriage as one of the biggest accomplishments in life, so married people should share their joy with those who haven't married.
The most common blessing would be the one on our picture, "Gong Xi Fa Cai" which means "May Wealth Come To You". Also, you may see that in Chinese holidays, or even in our game events, we always have a bunch of '8' number, actually it also comes from this "Gong Xi Fa Cai" saying, since the number '8' is pronounced 'Ba' in Chinese, which is close to the 'Fa' in Gong Xi Fa Cai, we think the number 8 will bring us good fortune!
Some stereotypes say that Chinese people over value money because of stuff like this, but I personally think it's cute! And who doesn't love money? So I also wish you all Gong Xi Fa Cai! I wish you to have more and more wealth coming your way!

Happy Chinese New Year! We have gifts for you!
All players will receive 888 Gold, 88 Million Coin, 8000 Energy and 3x999 Rose!

Event 250% Bonus Gold On All Recharge!

Event Time(EST): Since this announcement - February 21st 10:59 AM
Event Time(GMT): Since this announcement - February 21st 23:59
All recharge transactions that made through our official website will give 50% bonus Gold and VIP Level Experience! But unforunately, transactions made through Facebook payment will not share this bonus rewards :(

Event 3Chinese New Year Login Gift
Event Time(EST): February 14th - February 21st
Event Time(GMT): February 14th - February 21st
During the event period, login everyday for 5 days to get special rewards which will be sent to your mail after the event ends!
Rewards: 168 Gold, 5000 Energy.

Event 4Nian Repellence Event

Event Time(EST): February 14th - February 16th
Event Time(GMT): February 14th - February 16th

There was a mysterious monster which named Nian in ancient time. Nian will only appear in a day before New Year’s Day in each year and eat a lot of people and their livestock. But in one day, a brave guy found that Monster Nian is afraid of red color, dense smoke, and big voice. Since then, people Repel Monster Nian through pasting Spring Couplets on red paper and firing crackers to protect their home when New Year is coming.

1. Monster Nian takes a lot of Treasure, players can use fire cracker to Repel it to get the Treasure. Each player only can use 1 fire cracker for each treasure.

2. There are 3 different kinds of Monster Nian, Normal Nian (1 Fire Cracker), Elite Nian (5 Fire Cracker), and Chieftain Nian (50 Fire Cracker). Different Monster Nian has different occurrence time. Normal Nian will only appear on 06:00-09:00, 09:00-12:00, 12:00-15:00, 15:00-18:00, 18:00-21:00, and 21:00-24:00 in each day; Elite Nian will only appear on 06:00-12:00, 12:00-18:00, and 18:00-24:00 in each day; and Chieftain Nian will appear since the event is begin until the event is over.

3. 3. If Monster Nian did NOT be blown up to enough times before it disappeared, then the Nian will take the treasure back but will return players’ fire crackers. If players successfully repelled Nian, then 1 random attendant will get Nian’s treasure and other attendants will get Nian’s little gift.

4. After the event ended, the remaining Fire Crackers will leave in players inventory and can be used in the next event turn.

5. The rewards will be directly sent to players’ inventory. If inventory is full then the rewards will be sent to players’ Mail.

6. Normal Nian’s Little Gift: 1 Tai Chu; Elite Nian’s Little Gift: 10 Chakra; Elite Nian’s Little Gift: 1 Tai Shi; Chieftain Nian’s Little Gift: 10 Tai Shi.

【Event 5】Recharge 2888 Gold Get Extra 8888 Gold!
Event Time(EST): February 13th 10:59 AM - February 15th 10:50 AM
Event Time(GMT): February 14th 00:00 - February 15th 23:50
Click Recharge Event -> Installment Big Rebate to see this event in the game!
Recharge for more than 2,888 Gold during the event period and get 8,888 Gold extra! More than 300% Bonus!
Extra Gold will be sent automatically to your mail Inbox at February 19th(Next Monday).

Event 6Valentine Forum Event
Reply this thread while providing your Nickname and Server correctly — there are some players who typed their names incorrectly every time. D:
Tell us how are you spending your Valentine's Day, and leave a number between 1~1000(can be edited until the event ends, all players can only choose one number, if you post for more than once, we will only count your first number).

This event has ended!
Our lucky number this time is:

Congratulations to all three winners who have won the number guessing event!
Winner 1: Egnigem Cenia from S43 for guessing 530
Winner 2: Kenchan from S132 for guessing 512
Winner 3: Steel Rain from S134 for guessing 549

Three lucky players with the closest number will be rewarded with 2888 Gold, and 500x Constellation Fragments!
Also, all players who reply this thread will receive 200 Gold, 5000 Energy, 20 Exclusive Coin Ticket, and 1000x Chakra!

Note : For 3 Lucky Player will be announce at 22 February 2018~

Event 7Great Gold Return Event

Event Time(EST): February 16th 10:50 AM - February 20th 10:45 AM
Event Time(GMT): February 16th 23:50 - February 20th 23:45
During the event period, your first recharge will give you 150% Bonus!
Also, once your Recharge reaches 9,000 Gold(Around
$50 USD with bonus from Event 1) you will get another 150% Bonus Gold on your second highest Recharge transaction during the Event period!
(This bonus Gold will be automatically sent to your mail after the event ends)
Only with recharging $39.99 USD Twice, you may get a total of 36,000 Gold!

Also, you may collect amazing rewards from the event panel according to your accumulated Recharge amount~!

Event 8Bamboo Kite Mount
Event Time(EST): February 15th 10:50 AM - February 19th 10:45 AM
Event Time(GMT): February 15th 23:50 - February 19th 23:45
Everyone who recharges for any amount of Gold during the event period will receive 1x newest Mount, Bamboo Kite!
Mount will be distributed after the event ends~!

Sexy Three Kingdoms Operation Team
February 13th, 2018

Re: Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day Event!

Posted: 2018-02-13 14:10
by James Bravil

James Bravil



random number 888

Re: Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day Event!

Posted: 2018-02-13 14:14
by Goddess

@James Bravil

Same as me! Hahah

Re: Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day Event!

Posted: 2018-02-13 14:17
by invinceable


Vince Wilson

I will take 88

Re: Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day Event!

Posted: 2018-02-13 14:21
by Kreng

S106 - Kreng

Playing Dynasty Warriors 9 I guess.

I choose 777 ~

Re: Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day Event!

Posted: 2018-02-13 14:24
by Ignalius

Jordyn Dixwell from S 127 will be having a day off work and attending an appointment at an optemetrist because I appear to be getting blinder every year. I really hope the number 469 is lucky.

Re: Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day Event!

Posted: 2018-02-13 14:26
by saltknife

Nickname: Felicity Striker

Server: S129

Number guess: 134

I'll be working too :(

Re: Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day Event!

Posted: 2018-02-13 14:29
by Eugene_Tan@fb

Justice, S90

I would be spending Valentine with my GF at KL for a wonderful outing and temple tour.

I would like to have 58 as my lucky number :)

Re: Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day Event!

Posted: 2018-02-13 14:39

Blue Eyes

S103 and S104 :D hm if can't more 1 server, please send to S104


number 288 :D if im win please send to S104 :D thanks~

Re: Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day Event!

Posted: 2018-02-13 14:41
by Ayumi Chan S93

Ayumi Chan


Working on Valentines Day =(

random number 448