Partiner recomendation

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Partiner recomendation

Post by Yukare » 2018-02-22 15:43

Which partiner you recommend for someone about 100k fame, lvl 98? Pleople tell me to get a kid, which i will do, and who more?

Tessa Downham_S115
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Re: Partiner recomendation

Post by Tessa Downham_S115 » 2018-02-26 13:08

you may try reading older guides to collaborate on my advice, but you should work very hard to get more fame.

guanyu at 200k fame and lu bu at 330k fame are the best to invest in till you reach 2mil fame for the dragon partners.

at less than 100k fame, the best partner i recommend is xu chu.

do not get a kid unless you intend to spend a lot of gold in the game. (really a lot)

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