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Getting better Anima

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Kai Rochester

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Getting better Anima

Post2018-03-27 22:47

So far I have only been able to capture the lowest level Anima, like Zerg or Wolver...I mean Titan, or Incubus. 

Do higher level Anima require certain conditions to get, or is it pure luck?



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Re: Getting better Anima

Post2018-03-27 23:39

excepted the emperor it seems to be pure luck

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Re: Getting better Anima

Post2018-03-30 7:26

Anima with higher qualities are harder to summon, and harder to capture~ Emperor can be exchanged at NPC Hua Tuo for 300x Anima Fragments, which can be obtained by dissolving Mystic Anima(Purple)

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