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Saint Guo Jia

Posted: 2018-09-14 7:14
by rey_S16
St. Guo Jia attack became a random attack target. Guo Jia’s eagle will actively mark the enemy attacked by Guo Jia for 3 rounds. Once someone is attacked, all marked enemies will be hurt, and the marked enemies will lose 5 layers of gold armor before each shot.
Skill attack the enemy's random 3 targets, while increasing their own defense, skill defense, crit, fatality 3 rounds, increase 50 anger. Skill reduced 10 layers of gold armor, and the dodge rate will be reduced and the three defenses will be reduced.

preview skill...

Re: Saint Guo Jia

Posted: 2018-11-01 4:37
by Gary Garnett_S129
what about temper on this saint I have all stars but no temper ?