Mushroom Lvl

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Re: Mushroom Lvl

Post by rey_S16 » 2015-05-04 6:08

exp n coin 20 mushrooms level 165.. hehe

but prize chakra n gold not bad too

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Re: Mushroom Lvl

Post by timberwolf » 2015-05-04 6:23

What about:

- Chakras

- Gold (compensation for those who were desperate enough to summon godlike da shie...)

- Free EXP..., lots of them. we are losing one helluva of EXP each day... Levelling up took longer time.

- Fame (errr... fame is difficult... mehehehehehe)

- Luck Points... (anyone?)

- Y. Token

And i agree to several players here, at higher level, coins and energy are not significant enough...

But what ever you come up with, thank you for taking this matter into your hands, ms Goddess...



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Re: Mushroom Lvl

Post by » 2015-05-04 6:35

anything but coins and energy. if later its gonna be coins and energy, then dont bother discuss.

as above, i prefer chakra, y.token. or at least golden spirit stone.

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Re: Mushroom Lvl

Post by » 2015-05-04 6:38

a few things we should remember:

1.a lot of people has no potential future to use chakra. so if they use the chakra gift - zero effect for them

2.huge % difference in exp losses for high levels and low leveles players. for example difference between 80 and 85 lvl mushroom = 50% exp. diference between 110 and 115 lvl mushroom ~ 5-10% exp. so high level players lose much less in % comparison with lower level players.

3. who need the damn coins?:D and another problem is a difference between amount of coins needed for a low lvl players and high lvl players. if 1 milion is good for a 50lvl than for a 150 lvl 100 milion will be ok I guess :) no way you can make all happy with the same amount of coins

the best decision for me is gold - 100-150 gold to compensate investments in godlike da shi jie (me, for example, use it 2 times to relevel my mushroom = 100gold)/ I could possible use it 3 times to relevel all 3 levels. but I was strong to kill 1 lvl without gold. so i guess 150 gold can compensate all possible situations.

and turns. only turns are universal for all player levels. 50 lvl can use it to raid 50 lvl materials and 150lvl can use same amount of turns to raid 150 lvl materials.

300 turns + 150 gold and all will be happy I suppose)

1. Mushroom Experience: It looks like this got reset to lvl. 0 for everyone. So I'm going to come up with a reward package for everyone and send it out. I'll make another post in a moment where I'll post a tentative reward package, and players may comment on how it should be changed/what should be included

Found this Goddess message... I lost only 3 mushroom levels. It was 85 and than goes to 70. If some1 lost all levels the problem is worse than I thought -_-

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Re: Mushroom Lvl

Post by Zona Gaillard_S145 » 2015-05-04 7:21

PRESTIGE s8 doubt



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Re: Mushroom Lvl

Post by Leiana » 2015-05-04 7:39

I don't think giving out mere energy is going to cut it. At higher levels the mushroom is where almost all the experience for leveling up comes from. Even if you give 500 energy it would still be worth less than 1 round of mushrooms. You said refreshing the mushrooms weren't possible so the only compensation i can logically think of is giving everyone something that is of equal value at all levels and i suppose that would be gold. However that seems to be a problem because gold is your 'cash currency' and it would not seem wise to simply give it out. So i suggest perhaps giving a bundle of everything so everyone would get something they want. Similar to the merge event log in rewards. Little gold, some chakra, luck points, coins, fame, tokens but have these to be level scaled. For example a level 70 could get maybe 10 and level 80 maybe 15 something like that.
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Re: Mushroom Lvl

Post by » 2015-05-04 7:57

Actually that's not true, since you still get a decent amount of exp from the mushroom in the past few days, there is only a slight difference in exp provided due to the level difference.

Take for example the screenshots I posted in this thread

Mushroom level supposed to be lvl 145 and provides 15,500,000 exp.

But instead, I fought a lvl 130 mushroom and gotten 14,750,000 exp.

So the loss of exp is just 750K exp per mushrooms, which totals to about 3.75m per day.

Furthermore, using 5 energy to clear the latest dungeon (without holy wu buff) : 218,396 exp

3.75m / 218396 = 17.17

So for this character, it only takes about 17 raids of the latest dungeon to make up for the loss of exp, that's about 85 energy per day.

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Re: Mushroom Lvl

Post by Jamari » 2015-05-04 11:11

I think all players should get:

Cakra: 500++

Gold: 100

Coin : 1 Million
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Re: Mushroom Lvl

Post by » 2015-05-04 11:36

need fame need chakra pls giv
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Re: Mushroom Lvl

Post by » 2015-05-04 12:07

my suggestion as below:

min of 200 Golds

min of 2 rounds of mushroom

min of 500 chakras

min of 5Mill coins

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