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Mushroom Lvl

Posted: 2015-05-04 3:54
by Goddess

Doesn't look like we're going to be able to reset the mushroom level experience to where it was before the merger. So we're going to send out rewards to all players that were involved in the merger and were affected by the mushroom level reset. This feature gives exp. So I was thinking energy would be a good gift to give. But I'm open to suggestions! Please post what rewards you would like to see, for example: energy, coins, fame, and etc along with amounts, in response to this post. After we get enough responses we'll decide on a proper form of compensation and send it out to all affected players!

Note, the rewards will be sent out to players in S5 - S66. Players in S67 and above currently arent affected by this issue.


I think all players should get:

Energy: ##

Fame: ##

and etc.


STK Admin Team

Re: Mushroom Lvl

Posted: 2015-05-04 4:33
by SBKoay

Energy & Coins, please. Thanks

Elmer S29

Yi Fei S27

Re: Mushroom Lvl

Posted: 2015-05-04 4:34

2000 energy and 50 million coins

3000 fame

Re: Mushroom Lvl

Posted: 2015-05-04 4:48
by Trail_S14

Let us go out of the box.

Energy and coins are irrelevant at that level.

Why --- quests few and far between. So one just waits around with lots of energy and just lower lv stuff to do with it, which translates into waste of both time and energy and tired fingers :P.

I think a good compensation would be

## 2 additional rounds of mushroom at the level given

## with coins - so partners can be raised

Re: Mushroom Lvl

Posted: 2015-05-04 4:51
by hidir

Dear GM,

Congrats on your server merging as things get more exciting between the players. Well, anything that can go wrong will go wrong but keep up the good work on the damage control.

As for my suggestion, coins and energy are suitable redemption for all level. I am thinking of getting chakras, if you dont mind.

Re: Mushroom Lvl

Posted: 2015-05-04 5:05

I think its better compensation if we can get 2 or 3 extra round for mushroom or change as a chakra gift . thank you .

Dream S39 Goddess

Re: Mushroom Lvl

Posted: 2015-05-04 5:07

Fame n Chakra

Re: Mushroom Lvl

Posted: 2015-05-04 5:12
by hannibal

I prefered the difficult thing to get:

gold & chakra

Re: Mushroom Lvl

Posted: 2015-05-04 5:18

my suggestion as below:

min of 200 Golds

min of 2 rounds of mushroom

min of 500 chakras

min of 5Mill coins

looks more acceptable right? hehe

Re: Mushroom Lvl

Posted: 2015-05-04 5:32
by Goddess

All the suggestions are good so far! I'd give you guys extra rounds of mushrooms if I could, but the game isn't set up for me to be able to do that.... I can only give you guys stuff that can be sent out as a reward.


STK Admin Team