Can't Get Items Unless You Pay?

Sir Fr8
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Can't Get Items Unless You Pay?

Post by Sir Fr8 » 2018-01-19 21:49

Why is it that you can not get things needed for higher levels if you play for free?

1. Hole Saw - We were given a few just before we got to the level it required to use. Now, where are they found? I keep getting gems, but no Hole Saws.

2. Chaotic Stones - I need to get a Saint, because I already have the Godlike Char, Where do I gain those? What level do I have to be to get them or do I have to pay my way to get items needed?

3. Pets - I am getting food but what are the pets? Are they our mounts? What level will we obtain them if the food is not for our mounts?

4. There just seems to be a lot of unanswered questions about the game in General. Do you not have a complete Guide for the game, at least something to let players know what will take real $$ to gain and what exactly is free.

It just seems like if you need to get anywhere in the game at the higher level, you have to put money into it. Not much free there. Just saying.

"Yes", I am enjoying the game. "Yes", I have put money into it, but I cannot keep putting my life savings into something, I am not getting anything of value from. I would like to be a competitor but I don't want to have to sink a lot of $$ into it. A little yes, but not thousands.

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James Bravil
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Re: Can't Get Items Unless You Pay?

Post by James Bravil » 2018-01-20 10:39

Pets are unlocked at level 120.

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Re: Can't Get Items Unless You Pay?

Post by Goddess » 2018-01-22 12:47

Hi there~

Some items can be obtained exclussively through events, but not always pay events :)

Follow our announcements for way to win these items on our Forum, thank you for your suggestion and concern! ^^