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Whats the point in "GM" button if no-one answers!

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James Bravil

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Re: Whats the point in "GM" button if no-one answers!

Post2018-02-11 0:06

Goddess im vip 8 and i have them.  what i was talking about is the fact that the defiy button doesnt work.  you click it and say yes to spend the gold to auto upgrade to godlike. and it does nothing.  doesnt take your gold, doesnt upgrade.

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Re: Whats the point in "GM" button if no-one answers!

Post2018-02-12 8:12

Hi there James~

First of all, I want to apologize to you guys for the slow response from us... It happens sometimes when we are taking loads of messages daily. We will do our best to improve our customer service performance, if you are experiencing slow responses, please make threads like this to increase our team awareness!

For the Tong Que Terrace Deify function, it is indeed a bug, you cannot directly deify Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao unless you are VIP 6 or above. So, for VIP 0-5 players, the button shouldn't have showed up at all. It doesn't work because when you click the Yes button, the system fails to verify your permission to use this function, so it doesn't work...

We will fix this issue in future patches, thank you for telling us! 

But the point is... This function works if you are VIP 6 or above. ^^


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