Can't escort other player

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Can't escort other player

Post by yusriaiman96 » 2016-03-02 15:30

Dear GM,

I want report my probleam...I wonder why im cant escort other player.and it say im was escort other player but im

not escort anyone.It only happen to me.If it happen to other player I dont la.I think it only bug.Almost a month it happen.

I was send about this report and nothing feedback I get.Hope you can solve this probleam.


Kelvin Repley


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Re: Can't escort other player

Post by Goddess » 2016-03-07 7:41

Dear Kelvin,

Please give us your valid character's name and the server where you play.

We need it to check your problem.

Warmest Regards,

STK Operational Team

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