Guild War Feature Added! It Is The Time To Fight For Glory!

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Guild War Feature Added! It Is The Time To Fight For Glory!

Post by Roselle » 2016-04-07 9:33

Guild War Battle Intro:

1. Registration:

On Sunday, Guild Leader or Vice Leader can sign-up for 6days consecutive Guild Battles. Your Guild must have more than 15 members inorder to do so.

2. Preparation Day:

Prep days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday; each player candeploy 2 troops at each vehicle. Each troop can have 3 Heroes max. During prepday, players are allowed to change their troop’s position and heroes.

3. Battle Day:

Battle Days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Each player may challenge infinite times on enemy troops, but the heroes who have been used cannot enter the battle again! Each player can earn certain amount of Guild Contribution Point after defeating an enemy troop. If all the troops were defeated in deployed vehicle, then the vehicle will be destroyed and eventually will not deduct on enemy's Castle HP.

4. Guild War Settlement:

Guild War Points consist the following 3 parts:

1. Castle Health Point: Each vehicle has different attack power. When battle ends, the settlement will calculate on how much HP left on self castle by deducting on enemies remaining vehicle’s attack power. The HP remains after deduction will give you corresponding Guild War Points.

2. Effective Offensive Point: The more troops you defeated will earn more Guild War Points. The lesser times you are getting defeated will earned more Guild War Points.

3. Effective Defensive Point: Themore battles you have successfully defended from enemy’s attack, the more Guild War Points you will earned.

5. Guild War Seasonal Ranking:

Every 4 weeks are one season. When each season ends, our system will sent rewards to each guild members corresponding to current Guild War Rank and Player's Contribution Point. And Guild War Rank will be reset before next season starts.

Morale Boost:Players may use coins or Gold to boost Morale Level. The higher buff level, thehigher attribute bonus you can get for each vehicle.

Awaken: Players candonate Spirit Gems to awaken vehicles. Awaken vehicles will gain awaken skill.

Guild ContributionPoints: You may exchange Guild Contribution Points into unique items at Guild Shop.


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