Event: Guild War Fan Art Contest!

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Event: Guild War Fan Art Contest!

Post by Roselle » 2016-04-12 8:32

Three Kingdoms Heroes!!

Guild War has come! We want to see your art! Draw your favorite characters from Pocket Three Kingdoms/ Pocket Summoners that you would like to use them in Guild War!

You can make sketches, oil paintings, digital art, anything! Get creative, there are no limits! All we ask is that you keep it friendly :)

Here is a sketch from Lorenna- Pocket Three Kingdoms Server! I gave her full credit on this one! :) :)

*Each player may submit infinite art works; however, each player may only receive once on the submission reward, which is 1 x Premium Pack. When the submission period ends, each player who had submitted their art work will receive their reward at the next day when submission period ends. Meanwhile we will host another voting event when voting period starts!

Submission Period: 12th April ~ 18th April 23:59 ST Time(GMT+8)

Voting Period: Starts from 19th April 12:00 ST (GMT+8)~ 20th April 23:59 ST Time (GMT+8)

The prizes given out are as follows:

Highest Votes (1st Place): 2000 Gold

2nd and 3rd Place: 2 * Holy/Evil Scrolls

4th and 5th Place: 1 * Pocket Demon.

Submission Reward: 1* Premium Pack ( Each player may only claim once)

Get your gear, do your thing, and have fun submit below! Make sure you post your in-game nickname and server to qualify!

*Note: we have to be able to see your IGN on the picture itself, just to prevent taking credit for other people's work :)

And the prizes will be sent 1 day after the event is over.

Thank you, and good luck with your adventure!

Pocket Three Kingdoms / Pocket Summoners Team

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