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Update: May 5th New Contents Update

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Update: May 5th New Contents Update

Post2016-05-05 9:00

Pocket Three Kingdoms New Update Content Release

Dear PTK players:

In order to increase your gaming experience we will be conducting content updates on May.5th ( 15:00 Server Time). The server down 

time will take approximately 1 hour, you only need to restart game and download the updated package, sorry for any inconvenience. If 

there is any emergency improvement, we will compensate based on the compensation program.

‪#‎Android‬ download link:
‪#‎IOS‬ download link:

1. Optimized on Main Scene and Buildings, added more decoration accessories, now you may build your own Fortress!
2. The new update will relocate all buildings,and all the accessories players have been purchased will be restored and refunded via mailbox.
3. Add new Barrack system, you may now deposit your heroes into Barrack. Heroes in Barrack will not appear in Fusion or any other battle preparation interface. You may enter Barrack through Warehouse.
4. Optimized on Heroes Terrace system, you may now exract more Sealed Gems at once. Also added fusion and decompose feature.
5. When donating Gems or Boosting Morale Level, it will make a public announcement in Guild Channel.
6. Add more Gift Packs in shop, more valuable packs await you now in shop!
7. Optimize on Defensive Team setup in Arena, you may click any hero on the team and it will automatically switch to the currently selected team.

Pocket Three Kingdoms Team

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