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Update: 6/2 New Contents Update

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Update: 6/2 New Contents Update

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June 2nd New Contents Update

1. Added 4 new dungeons: An Ding Keep, Wu Yuan Isle, Tie Long Mountains, and Rakshasa

2. Added 2 new type of armor: Destruction and Flaming set, can be obtained from Tie Long Mountains and Rakshasa, read on armor help page for details.

3. Fixed DoT effect bugged on Fire, Water, and Holy Zhou Yu's 2nd skill.

4. Optimized Water Cao Jie's 3rd skill, slant hit will also apply the sleep effect.

5. Adjustment made on Evil Diao Chan's 3rd skill: Lower its damage but now can deal AOE damage to all members on enemy's team. Also sacrifice 15% of team HP when released.

6. Fixed the crit rate bug on Fire and Evil Fa Zheng's 2nd skill


Destruction Set- 2 Sets: Reduce enemys' Max HP on each hit

Equipping 2 sets of armor, each attack will reduce enemy's Max HP which equals to 30% of damage dealt. Reduced amount cannot exceed 4% of enemy's Max HP on each attack, and can be reduced by up to 60% of total HP Max (Does not apply to Heroes already deducted 60% of Max HP by this effect). The amount of HP reduced cannot be recovered during the battle, and its effect cannot apply to Guild Boss. Wearing multiple sets can increase the % HP amount reduce at one time. (4 sets can reduce up to 8% MAX on each attack, 6 sets can reduce up to 12% Max on each attack) 

Flaming Set - 2 Set: Reduce healing effect received on enemy by 25%

Equipping 2 sets of armor, each attack will land a 1 round debuff which reduce healing received by 25%. Equipping more sets will give you more bonus deduction on healing amount received. (4 sets = 50%, 6 sets = 70%).

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