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Event: Introduction Thread

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Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-08 9:54

Hello All Players:


I wanna personally thank our former Helper Taku for giving me this idea on the event.


Now, let me give a brief introduction onself as below and explain how to participate on this event :)


(picture of yourself is optional)


IGN: Roselle (GM from PTK server)


Server: PTK- Sea


Age: Classified


Lv/ Rep : 16/ Fire Xiao Qiao


Guild: None ( Can’t join any guild according to our company policy :’(   )


Hobbies: Movies, Dancing, Ice Skating, Have Dessert With Friends, Shopping, Read Novels, Music


Hate/Dislike: Cockroaches, Spiders, Dealing With Customer Complaints (Jk jk, love you all<3) , In-game Bugs!!


Relationship Status: Single (I prefer no strings attached, but please don’t get me wrong )


Please feel free to ask about any in-game question related when I am online or in world chat, I will be gladly to help on your problems.




Simply does a brief introduction on yourself like above format(don't have to be exact like mine), and please clearly state your In Game Name and Server you are from, or else you won’t get your rewards oh!

Also, do not use any in appropriate language during this post please :)

If you wish to include your pic with your post, please follow below instructions:

First, click on     to post your reply,

Then click on  the icon if you wish to upload a pic.

Thirdly, select  on "Local" and Add Image to attach the file photo you wish to post.

Lastly, click on start upload to upload your photo , then click ok 

when you are done, you will see your pic pop in the post :). Please note that you cannot post a photo bigger than 1 MB.

Also, you may try on computer browser and it would be easier for you to upload a post.

Event Period: June 8th~ June 17thServer Time


Rewards: 100 Gold, 50000 Coins, 100 Stamina


Special Rewards: If you include a picture of yourself (must relate to PTK or PS, for exp: Post a pic of yourself playing PTK or PS on a mobile phone), you will get 10 Water Scrolls for additional rewards!!


All the rewards will be issued by one day after when the event is over.

P.S. Each player can only participate once on the event.

Hope you all will enjoy the event and get to know me better :)





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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-08 10:28

Ign : ThePetrichor

Server : SEA / PTK

Age : born in 1991

Hometown : indonesia

Rep heroes : wind zhao yun

Level : 30

Hobbies : culinary , bilyard , games and travel

Dislike : fake people

Relationship : single  

Guild : ~SunCity~



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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-08 11:25

IGN: Owyk

Server:  Eng-SEA

Age: 45

Hometown:  Singapore

Rep hero:  Wind Wen Pin

Levels 40

Hobbies:  movies, travel and golf

Dislike: vulgar and injustices 

Relationship: married

Guild.   LDR Fighters



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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-08 11:40


gn : Hanzojin

Server : PTK // Eng-SEA

Age : 24

Hometown : London, England

Level/Rep Hero : 40/Wind Guan Yu

Likes : Videogames, Basketball, When you think you're only getting beans on toast but find tiny bits of sausages in there.

Dislikes : Waking up prematurely

Relationship : Single

Guild : Peach Garden



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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-08 13:19


Server: PTK

Age: Tiger

Rep unit / lv: Wind Zhang Liao, lv40

Guild: Mi Casa

Hobbies: Watching movies, eat, playing games, collecting girls pics...

Likes: Pussycat, Ice Creams, Oreo, Ritz, TimTams, Ramen


PS you look lovely roselle<3< span="">

For all who have difficulties post reply or access forum, try use pc or laptop browser.


King Li@fb

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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-08 14:49

Hello All!

IGN: King031988


Age: 28

Hometown: Toronto

Rep Hero: Wind Ma Chao


Guild: Peach Garden

Relationship: In a relationship

Like: Sports, basketball, singing, games, escape rooms, etc

Dislikes: Boring stuff



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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-08 14:53

IGN: Kangz

 Server: PTK- Sea

 Age: Classified

 Lv/ Rep : 40/ Wind Zhang Fei

 Guild: Homeless

 Hobbies: Working, playing PTK at work, ocasionally doing PTK videos

 Hate/Dislike: PTK sudden updates

 Relationship Status: In a relationship



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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-08 16:06

Ign : Gipsy Danger

Server : PTK // Eng-SEA

Age : ??

Level/Rep Hero : 40/Young Zhao Yun

Likes : Playing PTK

Dislikes : Any Bugs

Relationship : Single

Guild : Elysium

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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-08 17:20

IGN: MelonZs

 Server: PTK- Sea

 Age: 26 ish

 Lv/ Rep : 40/ Evil Guo Jia

 Guild: <3 LDR <3 Fighters

 Hobbies: Playing games, travelling and eating!

 Hate/Dislike: Cockroaches, Scaley Animals

 Relationship Status: In a Relationship with the Leader of <3 LDR <3 Fighters


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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-08 19:17

Hi. I tried attachin file of picture for the event but they promt that attachment file quota reached. Anyone know how

@Roselle: I will modify my original post and give instruction on how to upload your pic.


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