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Event: Introduction Thread

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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-16 10:46

IGN: Keanryx

Server: PTK- Sea

Age: 27

Lv/ Rep : 40 / Evil Liao Hua

Guild: None

Hobbies: Games (3DS, Vita, PTK), Browsing, Watching Animes

Hate/Dislike: Anything annoying.

Relationship Status: Single (Forever Alone)



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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-16 11:32

IGN: Groucho 


Server: ENG-US PS


Age: 25


Lv/ Rep : 39/ Water Grigor


Guild: SG.Wolves


Hobbies: Movies, Football, Games


Hate/Dislike: fake people/ paprika


Relationship Status: engaged



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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-16 12:19

Ign:♏obiusz ✌

Server: indonesia - PS

Age: 27

Lvl/rep: 40/water alexander (lu bu)

Guild: S.T.A.R.S

Hobbies: making money

Hate: ignorance ppl

Relationship: single and not happy



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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-16 12:24

IGN: Tbd~

Server: PS

Level: 35

Rep: Dark Vector

Dislike: Hypocrisy, intoleracnce, and every other inonsiderate beliefs and systems the current society is built upon.

Relationship: Single


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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-16 13:02

IGN: Bamskie001


Server: PS - (ENG - US)


Age: You Judge 


Lv/ Rep : 37/ Fire Celeste


Guild: Alts


Likes/Hobbies: Movies, Shaved ice and gelato, Eat and Sleep, Travel, Architecture and Interior Design


Hate/Dislike: Idiots, Ignorance and Bipolars


Relationship Status: Single



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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-16 13:08

Ign: taku989

Server PTK-SEA

Rep/Lv: Fire Guan Yu

Guild: Guildless (Literally)

Age: July 1986

Gender: Male

Weight: 80kgs

Height: 174cm

Hobbies: Watching movies, playing games, eat good food

Relationship: Blank Space by Taylor Swift



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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-16 15:37

ign: Milkdudnips 

Rep/lvl: fire Guan Yu level 40

Server: eng sea server

Age: 24

Guild: Covenant

Hobbies: hanging with friends, playing video games

Dislikes: stupid people

Relationship status: taken

P.S. I was playing PTK when I took the picture. Plz hook me up with the water scrolls.




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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-16 19:18


Server: Pocket Summoners ENG

Age: 18

Lv/ Rep : 22/ Water Lucas

Guild: Gemstones

Hobbies: Anime addiciton, jrpgs, video games, swimming, hanging out with friends

Hate/Dislike: Bugs, laggy internet, laggy players, arrogance, liars

Relationship Status: Single and alone



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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-16 21:45

IGN: Lipe

Server: PS-SEA

Age: 31

Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Lv/ Rep : 40 / Holy Valin

Guild: Peach Garden

Hobbies: Movies, Series

Hate/Dislike: liars

Relationship Status: married



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Re: Event: Introduction Thread

Post2016-06-16 22:52

IGN: AradonAisan

Server: PS Eng-US

Age: 33

Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal

Level/Rep:40/ Fire Cheveyo

Guild: ALTS

Hobbies: Anime and series

Hate/ Deslikes: terrorists and traitors

Relationship status: Married


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