Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

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Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Roselle » 2016-06-15 11:57

《Pocket Three Kingdoms》is officially looking for Novice Instructors for the Global Server! The objective is to find experienced players that will help our newcomers better understand the Game! In order to thank our Novice Instructors, our team prepared Epic Prizes! What are you still waiting for?

【Novice Instructor - Submission Period】:

June 15th- June 18th

【Novice Instructor - List of Duties】:

1. Enthusiastically and correctly answer newcomers questions about the《Pocket Three Kingdoms》Game;

2. Help new players to learn about the game's details and mechanics;

3. Notify the players about Events and Announcements;

4. Must keep the communication channels active at all times and report ASAP any kind of toxic behavior;

5. Help the staff with matters about the game and report any kind of problems encountered by the players.

6. Working Time: Please provide your available working schedule and must be at least 4 hours. Instructors that fail to login without further notifying your staff for longer than 48 hours will be disqualified.

【Novice Instructor - Requirements】:

1. Love《Pocket Three Kingdoms》,Great knowledge about the game details and mechanics, patience, politeness and kindness while dealing with newcomers questions and problems. Always willing to help and provide support ASAP.

2. Must have enough free time and guarantee to have at least 4 hours daily to login to the game and perform his Instructor Duties。

【Novice Instructor - Enrollment Details】:

Available Positions:1

Interested players must leave a message answering to this post,telling us their in-game Nickname and Level; Players that fail to send us their participation interest following the model will be disqualified. We will analyze player by player based on their previous actions and accomplishments in the game. Our GM will contact the player by GM Chat in the game. Please stay online so we can reach you.

Message Example:Nickname:Game Master,Level:12. Available Working Hours: 08:00~11:00 GMT +8

And briefly tell us your accomplishment in game, and why should we hire you as our helper?

【Novice Instructors - Rewards】:

Instructors had work regularly weekly,will get 1000 Gold on every Monday.


1. If the Instructor has any questions, contact the GM via GM chat.

2. The account to get the Novice Instructor title and the rewards must be the same account.

3. If the Instructor needs to ask for a leave he has to contact the in-game GM to inform about this issue.

4. ATTENTION! Instructors that fail to stay online for the correct amount of time or for some reason cannot help the new players will be disqualified and all rewards will be denied.

5. If we received other players reporting on Helpers behavior regarding on using inappropriate language, or misleading info given, and once we verify which is true, the Helper title will be removed.


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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by BNY » 2016-06-15 13:01


: 40

Available Working Hours : 8pm - 1am ( UTC +8 aka Server Time )


1) Cleared Tower of Babel Normal 100, Hard 49, Hell 39

2) Arena Ranking : Usually 220 - 250

3) Expedition : Able to complete 85% of the Legendary Difficulty

4) Fortunate enough to be a member of a guild in the top 10 rankings

Why Me?

I know I may not be the best player in the global or even regional server. However, I will definitely not rule out my passion towards this game. My love for this game has led me to pursue even more knowledge about the game mechanics, as well as a deeper understanding towards the heroes and armour system which is essential to not just the mastery of the game, but also for new players who are are deeply attracted to this game.

By having a great understanding in the system, I am able to explain details and functionalities to new players in the most layman term, thus allowing new players to enjoy the game better and promoting to more of their friends to share their interest and joy together. It also helps that I was initially a F2P player as well, so I can understand the stuggles, roadblocks and as well as the mentality of new players. I will know what I can do to help them better, what can be taught to help their PTK journey be more fruitful, and how to behave and be professional enough as a Novice Instructor to bring the experienced and the new PTK players together and create a more closely-knitted community.

Thank you so much for your consideration,

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Kurazha » 2016-06-15 13:30

Name :千载玄武

Level : 40

Available Working Hours : 8pm - 1am ( UTC +8 aka Server Time )


1) Cleared Tower of Babel Normal 100, Hard 39, Hell 39
2) Arena Ranking : Usually 900 - 1000
3) Expedition : Able to complete 25% of the Legendary Difficulty
4) Fortunate enough to be a member of a guild in the top 10 rankings

Why Me?
i always in chat and good with newbie

Thank you so much for your consideration,


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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by ZeroSteins » 2016-06-15 13:49

IGN ZeroSteins

Level 40

Avalible Working Time: 8pm ~ 12am (GMT +8 aka server time)


1) Tower Of Babel Normal 65, Hard 30, Hell 30

2) Arena Ranking: 950 ~ 850, Lieutanant rank

3) Expedition: Clear all Normal difficulties, can only one Legendary Stage at a time

4) Member of a guild which is in the top 20 rankings

Why hire Me?

While I'm most certainly not the best player in the game, but I have play P3K for almost a year already. I always love the sense of progression I felt for playing game, and I wish to extend my helping hand to others who also wants to become better at this game like me. My experiance I gain through out the year gave me a good grasp regarding the game, which is enhance further with the other helpers like Clueless and DRUSS who help me out as well.

I first started out the game as a F2P player, and I'm still a F2P player even now. There's aren't many players out there that is capable of getting far at this game as a F2P player, and even less players in the upper rank as well. Seeing someone like me getting that far can be a rather encouraging presence for many newcomers to continue playing and enjoying the game. I wish to help people to get better, and becoming a helper would get them to acknowledge my advice as something they can believe and trust in.

Thank you very much for reading my application,

PA Ramagoz
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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by PA Ramagoz » 2016-06-16 7:21

IGN : Ramagoz Server PTK Global

: 40

Available Hours : 10pm - 6am ( UTC +8 Server Time ) This is 7am- 3pm PST /California time. I tend to be on a lot through the day.

Why consider me?

****I love to help out newbies. If you check my pm's to a newbie named devine, you will find extensive help I gave him, and other in chat. I was also one of the first to post a thread in the forum reviewing Younger Z Y specifically in the context of being a first 6, info great for newer players. I enjoy helping others learn! I think being a Novice instructor would be a blast!

****I love PTK! You really have listened to fans, and have so many nice features in this game! I would love to contribute to helping new player stick with the game, and have fun!

****Fun and Enjoyment > Ultra competativeness. People dont need to be #1 to love this game. Progression is fun and PVE is great to work through! I can help new players see this part, and not get overwhelmed by the grind to chase top players.

****I have a lot of experience. Competing in one of the Top SW guilds (Proc Ready) and finishing ToA 100 in SW was just a primer for PTK fun! Im already close to finishing ToB70 in PTK with my 4 6 stars, 2 of which I only picked up recently. My three arena teams are finishing Sargent each week, which I am just fine with considerering I just got my 3rd and 4th 6 star units. I am very much in the mid game, and pondering the same questions that newer players ponder.

****Ultra competative players can loose sight of what armor newer players can find. New players need to know how to use the starting units correctly, and what early armor is best. Im seeing so many new players quit before they reach 20. They need help at that stage! Some of the "Elite" players just quote the best possible armor/6 stars/ good subs and forget that new players fell lucky to have 4 star +hp armor! I know the difference!

Thinks for reading my post and for consideration!


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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by 2$ SENSEI » 2016-06-16 12:17


Lv: 40

Available hour: Whenever Im on

Guild: Mi Casa (Not ranked)

Arena rank: Used to be top 100 now 300, thanks


- Clear all trials, consistenly farm STR and Wisdom 10 for armors

- Clear TOB normal, floor 49 on Hard and Hell

- Able to unlock expedition bonus stage if no water diaochan presents

- Fused 2 nat 5, 3rd soon

- Been a helper for 5 month before

- Managed to avoid every event units PTK has to offer

Reason why not choose me as helper

- So i cant curse at chat regularly

- Consistenly critized devs

- Im madly in love with Roselle Tshirt

- I need 1000 gold / week

- I only speak the truth no sugar coating

- Im cheap

Yours Truly


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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Meridium » 2016-06-16 14:45

IGN : Meridium

Lv. 40

AVAILABLE HOUR: whenever i am online (at least 4 hours a day)

Guild : COVENANT (TOP 10)

ARENA RANK : used to be lieutenant, now sergeant


- ToB 65

- manager to avoid every event units ptk has to offer

- spent not a goddamn on this game ant still managed to get this far. Only with knowledge, truth strenght and absolute loyalty towardas my guild.

Why me?

Because i like to help out newbies, i do it since i am lv. 30. I did it for many time without asking anything, now i would like to become a helper so i am offically allowed to do so.

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by smareo » 2016-06-16 15:41

IGN :Smareo


Available Working Hours : 6pm - 11pm (UTC)


1) Cleared Tower of Babel Normal 90

2) Arena Ranking: Usually 90-115 With three teams

3) I have over 300 friend Request just from arena =)

Why Me?

I only PVP in arena, and know what counters what heroes there. I have basic knowledge of the 3*hero base but don't count on me to tell you what is the best one out of there other than super-Fast wind PD. I'm usually server first to test things out such as destruction armours and also server first to get event heroes on the whole PTK server. I don’t wait for armour removals, and test things right away. I basically have mostly all the 5*stars in the game about 45+ and most of them are armoured. I am willing to donate a 1 or two hours for helper as I don’t need the gold (I'll work for free) but if you don’t choose me B.N.Y would make agreat choice since he qualifies more over me in PvE


Ashley Heng@fb
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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Ashley Heng@fb » 2016-06-17 5:09

Dear GMs,

This is Ashley, and I would like to put up my CV for your perusal.

IGN: Lorenna

Level: 36 (Holy Cai Wenji Rep)

Available Working Hours: 9.30am - 1.30pm or 2.00pm - 6.00pm. (UTC+8 aka Server Time) :)

Accomplishments: aided with novice questions when required.

Why Me??

I am perfect for the task! I am a player without a Natural 5 star yet, great to advocate "PTK-for-all" attitude.

I am not a Pro in the game, but more than sufficient for a novice helper. I have been aiding newbies in the instructional directives within the game and I am able to withstand stupidity at times. I am a problem solver and a go-getter.

I might be lacking in terms of the armor system, but I may learn in time.

I may not be as well established as other wannabe helpers, I know I'm not as good in arenas, TOB, and many more, but that only gives me more time to be of aid to others!

Btw, Roselle ain't that serious on ranking and such too, just putting it out there. :D

I have usually a pleasant attitude, and I would like to thank your kind consideration pertaining to my application.

Best Regards,


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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by ☆Dre☆ » 2016-06-17 5:54

Ign-Andrade72374 (dre)


Time 6am to 6pm server time

Guild- covenant top 10

Arena-top 750 weekly

Tob-79 norm 30 hard and hell only just started pushing

Cleared guan du boss hardest

Why choose me? I have a great understanding of team matchups and gear along with most game mechanics. I am always helping new and old players in chat and guild. I am easy to get along with and do my best to make the game enjoyable for players. I am always trying to find ways to improve and with this role i feel i would be able to grow myself and also help others grow too.

Thankyou for your concideration

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