Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Shutendoji » 2016-06-17 7:59

IGN: Shutendoji

Level: 32

Available working time: 21:00 to 1:00, 6:00 to 10:00 server time

I would like to become a helper so that I can help newer players and they will feel safe listening to my advice. I am not the best in competetive or in tower of babel but I play to have fun and know enough to get people started and progressing through the game. I learn everyday while playing, what armor works better for specific units, what units that arn't popular can still be fun to play with, etc. Some of you may remember my all holy team that I used till I was close to level 27 haha

Thanks for any consideration, Doji.

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by ®↖陰天↘™ » 2016-08-05 6:29

IGN : ®↖陰天↘™

Level: 40

Guild: Avenger ( Rank 5 )

Available working hours: 8 Pm - 1 Am ( GMT +8 )


1. Cleared tower of babel Normal 100

Hard 40

Hell 40

2. Cleared All trials Arena ( Str,Wis,Fire,Wind,Water,Dark,Holy )

3. Arena rankings between 80-150

Why Me?

Cause i have spare time on my hand,and really interested in game progress and passionate about the game

So i want to help beginners and newcomer with love, have patience, politeness,and kindness while help beginners

to start this game and always willing to help and help

Thanks for attention,


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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by denny » 2016-08-19 10:08

IGN : GuanYu88

Level : 40

Available working time: 13.00 pm - 17.00 pm (GMT +8 aka server time)


1. Tower of Babel 85 (normal)

2. Arena rank 400-500 (Lieutenant Rank)

3. Member of guild that reach top 20 in guild rank

Why choose me:

I want to help newbies to enjoy this game and grow stronger everyday, I was once a newbie also and I know how difficult it was, this game has so many features and I know it will be really difficult for newbies to understand, so I really want to help newbies with that and grow stronger together.

I'm a PTK player from indonesia and there are so many PTK players from indonesia also, and sometimes if they have some technical problems (ex: top up method, FB event etc) they don't know how and where to fix the problems because all the novice helpers in indonesia are from TKH and they can't help that, so I think, out of my wotking time I can help that, so our PTK players from indonesia can enjoy this game much more because they have a PTK helper on their side to help them.

Best regards,


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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by ZeroSteins » 2016-09-28 15:35

IGN: RoW][Zero

Level 40

Avalible Working Time: 8pm ~ 12am (GMT +8 aka server time)


1) Tower Of Babel Normal 100, Hard 100, Hell 85

2) Arena Ranking: 300 ~ 500, Lieutanant rank

3) Cleared the entirety of Trial arena (Strength, Wisdom, Fire, Water, Wind, Holy and Evil)

4) Part of a guild which is in the top 10 rankings

5) Topped 10 in Time-Spec Boss rankings before

Why hire Me?

To put it simply, I just want to help out people in the chat to progress through the game. This game has considerably become more difficult and complex to progress ever since I have started playing P3K last year and I like to help out people on what they should do. I have accumulated vast knowledge of the game, and being a long time F2P player has force me to use my mind to carefully construct and plan on what's the best course of action I should take while planning ahead what I should do next. That said, if I encounter a spender, I won't stop him from spending though, but encourage them to spend since it would easier for them and the developers of P3K would gain a new income from this very person to support the game ;).

Thank you very much for reading my application,


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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Bowey » 2016-10-23 5:41

IGN | Bowey

Lvl | 40

SERVER | US-ENG mainly but frequent both US and SEA

GUILD | Little.ed.Dot (rtm)

TOWER OF BABEL HIGHEST COMPLETION 93 and Ive only been playing for 3 to 3.5(max) months. (level 67 the previous Tower of Babel reset)

but I did just 6* my fire law that i luckily got from this fragment event and will awaken on fire day to progress no doubt help with certain levels and get me to as well as clear level 100

I know which monsters ill need for Hard and will be leveling them up soon as well, but havent gained too much information on Hell as of yet. Still awaiting a wind nathan (if you guys could help me out) ;) haha! just kidding!

TOWER OF BABEL HARD HIGHEST COMPLETION 30 + or 40+ i think I was 40 last month ( I havent been focused on tower of babel hard/hell too much as of yet. I've been dedicating time to 6*'ing my ideal-for-progression monsters to then start powering through again, but no doubt I will push higher in each difficulty closer to the reset time)

I've dedicated myself more to the progressing in tower and str/wis trials as to reap the bonus scrolls/resources every month but will soon be playing the arena much more. I am looking out for those ideal nat 5's to make the counter teams needed to compete in high level arena. So far my rating end of week is around 1500ish

I already work from home doing technical support for a small company and already play Pocket Summoners 30-40+ hours a week while I work. What I do is not very demanding and I love working from home.

I love to help new players and if you check out my Youtube channel called 'Pocket Summoners Progression' to show new players and f2p'ers basic techniques in efficiency farming and progressing in the game-- I also talk a lot about the events, like what is worth it and why, and what to farm as well as what to focus on from a progression stand point.

I really think the extra weekly gold will help me to get up there quicker to be able to provide the most content possible. Also i will be more likely to also support for huge amounts of the ingame currency to just plow through my own progression, while documenting it while I go.

I also come from 1.5+ years Summoners War backround and I hate it and only continue to play because of the time I've already put into it.

I instantly fell in love with this game though. Ive been totally enthusiastic about it ever since I played it for the first time!!

I would also love to hear any ideas from staff like tips for the youtube channel if you have any. I sent an E-mail awhile back, but now I have a few more videos so maybe you will get a better impression.

I can promise you with time, and in having your full support. I will increase the quality of the videos as well as content and the overall aestetic of the channel page.

Thanks for the chance to apply!


link to Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRtbjbUk_QmRcCfnA8SuFHQ

link to the introduction video of the game - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esAoQcr82rU the quality of the microphone has gotten better since the first two videos (I explain why in the intro vid)

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Joseph3827 » 2016-10-30 5:15

GN : Joseph3827

: 40

Available Working Hours : 7pm - 1am ( UTC +8 aka Server Time )


1) Cleared Tower of Babel Normal 100, Hard 100, Hell 95

2) Arena Ranking : Usually 80-120

3) Expedition : Completed

4) Fortunate enough to be a member of a guild in the top 10 rankings

Why Me?

1) Being here for 1 year ++.

2) Previously helper, had to pass on the title as i left the game for a month

3) Helpful, firendly, ect etc etc.. People in server can be referee to my character XD

Thank you so much for your consideration,

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Austint.williamshi@gmail.com » 2016-12-13 15:47

IGN- Shutendoji

(Have posted previously, this is an update and I can't access my original forum account lol)

Level 40

Available hours: server time 22:00 to 1:00 and 8:00 to 12:00 (I am on whenever I have free time so I am on more than the times above)

Accomplishments: completed tower of babel normal hard and hell 100, completed all normal quests on hell difficalty, completed all trials on level 10, top 400 in arena, top 100 in world boss

I want to be a helper so that new players know that they can always ask me for help, I already help anyone that asks but for those that don't know me they may not trust me, I love helping new players so that we can increase our playerbase and keep the game growing, thanks for your consideration

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by terry_torres2003@yahoo.com » 2017-02-05 17:15

IGN : Dimster

Level : 40

Available working time: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST


1. Tower of Babel 100(normal)

2. Tower of Babel 100 (hard)

3. Tower of Babel 86 (hell)

4. Arena rank 400-500 (Lieutenant Rank)

5. Member of guild that reach at rank 8 in guild rank

Why choose me:

I am an active player who likes to help new players to point them
to the right direction. Thanks for your consideration.

Best regards,


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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Hartfelder@hpeprint.com » 2017-03-05 10:02


Level: 40

Arena Ranking: 400-700 Lieutenant

Member of a Top 10 guild

Available times: 5pm- 2am (GMT -6 Central time) and tru out the day every 2 hrs for 10-30min

Achievements: Tower of Babel cleared

Normal 100

Hard 40

Hell 39

Cleared all Trails in every element and wisdom strength spirit (lvl10)

Completed expedition in all difficulties

Why me?

Well I love this game and the history that goes with it (the character heros) I understand the game very well and have knowledge about every heros skills. I am a smart and very helpful player that has been playing 1 year+ most of Sea server knows me well and can say the same about me. Highly doubtful i will quite this game. So its in my nature to help people in game and outside the game, so i would love to help newbies to understand the game and give them my best advice where i can. I am active everyday at least 4hrs so there should be plenty of time to help where i can.

Thank you for your consideration

I will be more than happy to switch out a helper to get a rotation going and would try to be the best help for the new players.



P.s i spent 1hr to write this :) so i hope to hear from you soon

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by PhiRip » 2017-03-08 4:23

IGN: PhiRip

Level: 40

Arena Ranking: Captain

Have been a member of several top guilds throughout my career.

Available times: Nearly 24/7 since I work from home.

Achievements: Tower of Babel cleared

Normal 100

Hard 100

Hell 95

Completel level 10 in all trials elements, strength, wisdom, etc.

Completed expedition on all difficulties.

Completed all of Heroic path.

#1 damage on time spec boss.

#1 regional arena title.

Completed many grind and non grind event heroes.

Why me?

I've been back and forth playing many, many, many games and this is the only game I find myself coming back to everytime. I spend countless hours helping the ENG-US members and sometimes just chatting with the active players. I do all this without a helper tag in the hopes that it will be seen and maybe I can be a helper someday. My knowledge of the game has grown a great deal from my start over a year ago and it continues to grow everyday. I feel I would be a great addition to the Eng-US helper team as it has been short handed as of recently. Hope I have given enough proof for consideration on a position. Thanks and have a wonderful morning, evening, night (depending on your time zone). :)

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