[Announcement] New Novice Instructor

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[Announcement] New Novice Instructor

Post by Roselle » 2016-06-19 12:17

Dear All PTK Players:

Thank you all for applying on Helper Position. I had made my decision who is going to be our next Helper in Pocket Three Kingdoms-


Big congratulation to him! Which his duty will start tomorrow on Monday June 20th.

Also, I want to announce a new policy that from now on, I will change the Helpers once every month starting from this month. So it will be fair for other players who had submitted their applications :)

The Helpers we have now in PTK are:

1. Druss

2. Clueless

3. Kahn

4. B.N.Y.

I also want to take this chance to give special thank to our former Helper Joseph and Taku, thanks for their big contribution to the game! Best wish for both of you on your career & goal in life!


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Re: [Announcement] New Novice Instructor

Post by Austint.williamshi@gmail.com » 2017-01-02 11:53

IGN - Shutendoji

Available working time - 8:00 to 12:00 and 21:00 to 1:00 server time


1) Cleared Tower of Babel normal 100, hard 100, hell 100

2) Arena rank - between 200 and 225

3) Expedition - Clear all levels on legendary

4) Member of a guild in the top 10 rankings

5) Rank 20 to 50 on world boss

Why Me?

I love the game ever since I started, I have always helped players because I want them to stay and enjoy the game as much as I have, if they get help and can progress more through the game then it means they will stay with the game longer, I love meeting new people and discussing the game with them, people in chat recognize me and know that I help them the best way that I can, but new players may not know that, as a helper they would know that they could trust my help, I also enjoy team building so I help players that need advice for stages or arena teams based on heros that they currently have.

Thanks for your consideration


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Re: [Announcement] New Novice Instructor

Post by Nero » 2017-12-05 6:24

IGN:Nero0425, lvl 40

1. Accomplishment: clear tob 100 normal 60 hard 60 hell. I can clear all legendary expedition

2.normally place top 1300 for arena

3.in a top 10 guild

Why you should pick me: Ive loved this game since ive played it back in 2015 now i like chatting with the newbies and helping them get there barrings so they can end up playing as long as i have or longer. There have been many people who have helped me get to where i am now, and Id just like to repay them by giving back to the ptk community. I know i have a pretty good grip on game mechanics and i can use that to help the newcomers.

Im free any time of day to be online.

Thank you for reading

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