Update : 6/23 New Contents Update!

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Update : 6/23 New Contents Update!

Post by Roselle » 2016-06-23 5:23

Pocket Three Kingdoms New Update Content Release

Dear PTK players:

In order to increase your gaming experience we will be conducting content updates on June 23rd ( 2:00 PM Server Time). The server down time will take approximately 1 hour, you only need to restart game and download the updated package, sorry for any inconvenience. If there is any emergency improvement, we will compensate based on the compensation program.

#Android download link: goo.gl/9MAZ1Y

#IOS download link: goo.gl/W0Ka4u

1.Added Heroic Path Feature, gain rewards corresponding to the daily activeness and sign in (there's also a 5 star Hero awaiting you)!

2.Optimized the Daily mission with new types of daily mission, receive corresponding rewards for completing the mission (New missions are available after today's mission has been refreshed)

3.Newly added novice level pack (Upon reaching certain level, players will be rewarded), an one time opportunity!

4.Fixed the issue of Fire Zhang Liao and Holy/Evil Cao Ren's passive skill, influencing Hero's base stat.

-Pocket Three Kingdoms Team

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Re: Update : 6/23 New Contents Update!

Post by Pacolypse » 2016-06-24 3:08

El Oh El

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Re: Update : 6/23 New Contents Update!

Post by Kurazha » 2016-06-24 11:14

Hi There,

This new updates has been the worst ever updates and it is fully back firing PTK Team especially the daily mission.

1st of all i would laud that you all are giving putting Nat 5 heroes for your player to work for but i feel that its ridiculous with the amount of gold you need to spend on just Daily Mission.

So i for once will like to propose how you can fix this feature.

(Option A)

1st of all, you need to bring back your old daily mission that will give every player the 10 gold upon completing it.

2nd, you can put the rest of the new mission as Optional Mission which means let the player decide whether they would like to do those optional or not.

3rd, instead of summoning a 4* hero, you should change it to obtain a 4* hero through either summon, merchant or evolve.

4th, player should be rewarded 50 hero path point upon daily. (this point does not involve in the daily mission bar to obtain the 3 items you put into the chest such as the talisman, legend frag & 3star Ghost).

(Option B)

You can remain all your current mission but let player to progress the hero path till they archieve the last reward at their pace.

Once they obtain the reward, let them press reset so they will start fresh again the next day.

You can maintain the same reward / hero all the time without the need to add in new item/ hero there every 90 days with this.

should you not take into consideration of my suggestion, please prepare to loose half of your player as most are planning to migrate to other similar game such as summoner war, brave exvius and etc.

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Re: Update : 6/23 New Contents Update!

Post by Madizmo4Sho » 2016-06-25 21:52

... I think people are looking at this new update the wrong way.

Yes, the average player lost 7 gold per day, and no longer able to clean up the missions list.

... But please look at the positives before shooting it down.

The average player will still make 50-70 points per day + whatever this "loggin bonus" means.

I got a loggin bonus of around 200 on the first day, nothing since.. might be weekly? ...monthly perhaps?

Might even have something to do with the 24 day loggin bonuses, but lets forget it for now.

70 per day would be over 2000 a month. We are loosing 210 gold per month from previous daily missions.

So lets compair by month:

First month = 210 gold or 3x fire + XH

Second month = 210 gold or 3* ghost + H/E

Third month = 210 gold or GN + 4* ghost

Fourth month = 210 gold or LM + leg

Fifth month = 210 gold or ZY + 2x demons

Sixth month = 210 gold or 500 mystic frags

Seventh month = 210 gold or evil rose

Now this "loggin bonus" listed must have more then just the one starting bonus.. just not sure how it will factor in, but it will only speed progression even more.

So it will take roughly 7 months for a F2P player to obtain all bonuses, at which point the 7 gold per day loss really starts to hit home, but by then we will see what direction they go. Spenders will be able to obtain all bonuses by a little over 2 months if they maintain the spending daily... but, when you look at the ave cost to maintain all missions each day.. vs the benifits of obtaining bonuses faster(the heroes mean nothing to most spenders, except maybe rose, who isn't a game changer)... the juice isn't worth the squeeze...

As for the x4 leg frag and 3* ghosts daily for spenders.. this game, like all F2P games, has to make money to run. Means there always has to be a reason/benifit to spending. The balance is allowing F2P access to all features of the game. This new feture is the best new one they have brought out (all the others like tarrace, armor fusion, 3 team arena.. are all "too" favorable for spenders).

With that said.. i do see area's to improve... fire ZY shouldn't be in there, as he is a fuseable hero. And i believe each gained hero should be a "pick one", instead of XH, be XH or HZ, GN or wind MY, LM or XQ... maybe even 1 of 3 options.. diversity is key, not everyone needs the same heroes.

.. Of course, this is just my opinion, to each their own.. but if you step back and look at it, this new update is a win.

(^_-) Mad.

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Re: Update : 6/23 New Contents Update!

Post by Staplesz » 2016-06-25 22:38

I'm pretty sure everyone is upset that we can't receive 10 gold from daily missions anymore. The simple fact that we have to pay to simply finish a quest is absurd. Sorry, but this update is horrible and is making me already lose my will to play.

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