Update: 8/4 New Contents Update

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Update: 8/4 New Contents Update

Post by Roselle » 2016-08-04 6:53

Pocket Three Kingdoms New Update Content Release

Dear PTK players:

In order to increase your gaming experience we will be conducting content updates on August 4th (5:00 PM Server Time). The server down time will take approximately 1 hour, you only need to restart game and download the updated package, sorry for any inconvenience. If there is any emergency improvement, we will compensate based on the compensation program.

#Android download link: goo.gl/9MAZ1Y

#IOS download link: goo.gl/W0Ka4u


1. Added new Advance Hero: Evil Zhang Xincai (details can be viewed in Advancement Building).

2. Optimized Guild's chat channel and added Guild Level feature(details can be viewed in Guild Info).

3. Included Guild Skill, which can be unlock and upgraded when Guild reached the required level.

4. Included new Guild Drill function, which help increase exp gained by members.

5. Fixed the 2nd skill of Evil Hua Tuo (unable to activate in auto play), and the issue of Holy Hua Tuo's (where the passive skill is still active even after death).

6. Fixed the issue of Occult's - Crackling Bolt (that stuns own member(s) as well).

7. Fixed the problem related to Unique Armor.


#VIPService online!

Please add Line : yayavip for the latest promotion events!

Pocket Three Kingdoms Team

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