Hegemony of Warlord: Who Shall Rule the Kingdom?

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Hegemony of Warlord: Who Shall Rule the Kingdom?

Post by Roselle » 2016-12-01 12:29

Birth of the Strong 4 has shown us their great strength and vast power. Their vast worth indicates the enthusiasm of involved players. As the finals approaches the climax, I’m sure you all must be have desired more and better rewards? Then, let’s all try and predict who might the upcoming owner of Hegemony’s title might be.

Rules: Players must indicate their IGN (Server) and name of the player they think will most likely win as well as the reason for supporting the said player in the comment. In order to gain rewards. (圣魈,Smareo행복하냥, loktin

For Example: IGN-Roselle, I am betting all my money on Smareo, so he better wins!

Commenting Reward: (Quick Clear Pass*20, Stamina*40, Coins*50000) and if your predictions came true, you’ll gain additional Holy/Evil Scroll*2 as reward. If you left your comment already on Facebook, then you won't receive the reward from here.

Event Time: 12/1~ 12/2 (Server Time)

Team A MVP: 圣魈(From Chinese Server)

圣魈 seems to bear an invincible trend. Ever since the beginning of Elimination Match, he won each match with an unbelievable record of 3 wins…wow. Now as one of the top 4, will he still continue this unassailable gesture till the end? And become Hegemony’s first Champ, Supreme King, and Mighty Warlord! Before that…shall we all take a close look at his Hero. 圣魈’s Heroes, mainly focus on Hp% as a the main attribute. An interesting knowledge for participants to start thinking from, perhaps this is where the solution lies!

Well, at least he did not disappoint his supporters, continues win in the Elimination Match has supplied loads of Cons to his supporters. Yaya

Team B MVP: Smareo (From PTK Server)

And from our own PTK server we have Smareo, the veteran player. Smareo failed to be ranked within top 4, in Qualifier Match. But, that a different story, when we are talking about the Elimination Match. He basically overpowered his opponents one by one, just by relying on his brutal strength and dominated Team B. Thus enters the semi-finals.

Team C MVP: loktin(From Chinese Server)

Then there is loktin, winning by mare inches. Always 2 out of 3 battle, perhaps he is hiding his true strengths, waiting for an opportunity…a blockbuster opportunity to amaze views? Roselle wonders how he might perform in the semi-finals. Will he struggle and manage by mare chance or will there be a sudden outburst? Greatly improving his combat capacity and wowing the crowd! Clearing the field like a hurricane! Stay tuned to find out.

Team D MVP: 행복하냥 (From Korea Server)

To be honest, it’s a widely known fact that Korean players have always been the representative of Strength itself. Not to mention the fact that they are basically ranked among the best players in Arena. The Current Hegemony of Warlord is only a mean, a chance to once again prove it. It seems that 행복하냥 chance of obtaining the Thrown of Kings, is inevitable. But… can he really accomplish it? Shall we all wait and see?

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