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[Notice] About Incorrect Stats of Armors

Posted: 2017-03-27 12:06
by Roselle

#Notice about Incorrect Stats of Armors after Purify and Remake
Armors remade with Armor Remake Stone will preserve the previous stats after Purify(During the Remake Range). Which means after using remake stones to remake the sub-stat of armor, then purify and enhance this armor, repeatedly once purify&remake after that, this armor may be granted 4 stats(Normally you can only remake the very first sub-stat) and receive the bonus stats.
We deeply apologize about not being able to discover this bug during the test and causing some players making use of to obtain armors with unachievable stats.
We have fixed this bug and will reset the stats as basic stats, here is the detailed solution:
1. We'll keep the original sub-stat and reset other stats as basic stats.
2. We will send out compensation to these players after reset because they consumed a lot of resources to obtain the stats.
3. If you find any suspicious armor stat, please contact our in game GM and we will definitely look into the problem.