Announcement for Server Merge of《Pocket Summoners》

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Announcement for Server Merge of《Pocket Summoners》

Post by Roselle » 2017-05-08 8:43

Dear all players of《Pocket Summoners》:

Greetings! It has been a really long time to have your accompany with us ever since the open beta. We, the operation team of《Pocket Summoners》would like to extend our greatest gratitude to all of you players, thank you for your great support and love along the way! Currently for providing players with a better service, we decided to merge 《Pocket Summoners》 with 《Pocket Three Kingdoms》and we will surely bring you a better game experience in 《Pocket Three Kingdoms》. We are deeply sorry about the inconvenience and confusions led by this decision.

In the following days we will try our best to arrange the operations before the server merge to fulfill your experience and the notice below is the detailed arrangement of server merge. We hope all players can be prepared:

1. As from today till the official close time, players still can login and play.

2. There charge methods will be closed at 12:00 on May 19th 2017

3. There registration and login ports will be closed on May 26th 2017

4. If players want to continue your progress, you may choose to transfer your profile to the same English version《Pocket Three Kingdoms》. When the transfer Your IGN and belongings in game will remain the same, plus you will receive a premium pack as compensation for transferring.

5. Players who have the intention to transfer your account, please contact our in game GM, email GM or Facebook support and provide us with your IGN and the IGN&Username you have inPocket Three Kingdoms. We will offer you the transfer service and compensate you.

6. Pocket Summonersofficial support email:

Players may follow the below steps to transfer your progress to《Pocket Three Kingdoms》:

1. Download the new client ofPocket Three Kingdoms, finish the registration and login the game, record your username and IGN

2. Contact us via in game GM, Facebook Support or our official CS email: and provide us with your IGN&Username in Pocket Summonersplus your IGN&Username in Pocket Three Kingdoms

3. We will finish the transfer within 3 days after you provide us with the required information. Your progress and all in game belongs will remain the same

4. LoginPocket Three Kingdomswith the username you registered

5. All players who transferred will receive an additional reward: Premium Pack*1

English Version Pocket Three Kingdoms

Link of Official Website:

FB Link:

Masters can also searchPocket Three Kingdomsin Google Play or Appstore to download the app.

PS: The rewards will be sent out to all transferred players after Pocket Summonersclose on May 26th 2017

《Pocket Summoners》Operation Team May 8th 2017

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