Celeste Awakening

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Celeste Awakening

Post by Balou » 2017-06-02 15:06

Hello, first time here and first post,

like the game in general and thats why I still play since a while and I
find quite attractive how its made but stay also "simple" compare to
other games app.

So, why attracted me most are the
"girls" sure and I agree to have some other skins or the awakening to
make them stronger. Here comes the point I do not like, how can you make
a girl as Celeste pretty sexy (in my opinion, yes its one of my
favorite and its my taste ;P ) turn into a sooo different "girl" ? No
blue eyes anymore, short trousers and belly at air... My god, you made
an atimacy with "lights out" and on the other side you put a potato

So, there is my suggestion, even after the
awakening, it would be nice to choose the skin we like by turning her
card and to "set it" as skin.

Thanks for reading.


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