Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Joe Rose@fb
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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Joe Rose@fb » 2017-03-09 9:34


Available working hours: 1pm – 3am (UTC+10:00)


1) Cleared Tower of Babel Normal 100, Hard 100, Hell 89

2) Arena Ranking : top 100

3) Expedition : complete 100% of the Legendary Difficulty

4) One of core members of a guild in top 5

Why me?

I was a helper in Vietnam server until it was closed. Thus, I have experience in providing advices to not only new players, but also experience ones. Since I was transferred to US serve, I have advised Vietnamese & US players how to clear TOB at hell level, arena and so on. They encourage me to become a helper and often asking me about the process of my application. Moreover, If I can be a helper, it is easier for me to connect all Vietnamese players to US players. Thus, I hope you can considerand and approve my application.

Thank you and wait for your reply!

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by teosteven@gmail.com » 2017-03-10 9:24

IGN: Bitterswt

Available working hours: Daily - almost always online >6-8hrs, very active.. only game playing now


1) Cleared Tower of Babel Normal 100, Hard 100, Hell 85

2) Arena Ranking : top500

3) Expedition : complete 100% of the Legendary Difficulty

4) Currently in Guild Sojourn - Top100

Why me?

Hi, I've been asked by few players to apply for helper position so here I am requesting your kind attention if I can be considered. I am active and online daily and have been playing for 2 years.. and during that time I've helped some in hope that they will continue play this game PS and support the game. In PVE, I've completed all trials, and TOB normal and hard, thus with this knowledge and more I am able to guide and help others progress better in this game.

Also, I am able to persuade others to continue support this game during events, as recently I've persuaded one and maybe others to get event Empress.

Thank you for listening and your time.

Low Thiam Eng, Terence@google
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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Low Thiam Eng, Terence@google » 2017-03-29 5:23


Available working hours: 8 am - 10 pm at staggered hours depending on schedule but will fulfill the 4 hours of online.


1) Tower of Babel Normal 100, Hard 100, Hell 86

2) Arena Ranking: Top 300

3) Expedition : complete 100% of the Legendary Difficulty

4) Able to complete most trials

Why me?

I have been playing the game for quite some time and with the knowledge of the mechanics of the game, I believe I am able to help newcomers and even provide sound advice to others. I have been active in both PVE and PVP. As a guild leader to Sg.Wolves, my role is to help out my members by advising them on how to improve and also keep the guild cohesive and grow the guild. I believe I can contribute the SEA server by bridging any possible gaps and be the voice for the server.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Floddy » 2017-03-31 4:51

IGN: Floddy

Available throughout the day 7 days a week. Most available 4pm - 1AM US CST

Accomplishments: Have cleared ToB Hell 100 and all other available PvE

Arena: Captain (if I'm not lazy)

I have been playing this game daily for almost 2 years. I enjoy helping new players and discussing alternative techniques with the PTK community. A lot of players know me, and I get along well with just about everyone. I can actually explain how Occult of Claim works ;)

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by awesoeme » 2017-04-05 21:37

Ign : ThePetrichor

Lvl : 40

Why me :

I hv play this game for 2 yrs and i play this game since there is no adv hero so think i hv many knowledge about this game bout the and also the basic of this game and i also help many people in wchat and im applying for the helper bcause i see many people frm indo server merge into ptk and many dont understand english and since im fluent in bahasa indonesia i believe i will be perfect helper for em and i also believe that many people also ask me to be helper

Achievement :

Tob normal and hard cleared , tob hell 86

Expedition cleared

Arena rank : shud be captain if i didnt sleep too much

Playing time : i online almost everytime

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Meridium » 2017-04-15 11:48

IGN : Meridium

Lv. 40

Cleared Rob normal, hard and hell till floor 85.

I play this game for 2 years now. I have good knowledge Of tactics and formation set ups etc. I love to help newbies as well as my guildmates. Talking Of guild, was a formeranno member Of "covenant", top 3 guilds in last 2 years. I have never spent money on this game but managed to reach this far, because Of dedication and addiction to the game. I am online almost evertime.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Olivia » 2017-05-29 11:14

IGN :《S》Olivia

Lv : 40

Available Working Hours : 5pm-1am (Server Time)

Accomplishments :

1. Cleared ToB Easy 100, Hard 100, and Hell 86

2. Arena Ranking : Lieutenant - Captain

3. Cleared expedition

4. Cleared most of trials.

Why Me ?

-Because i love to help newbies in the game, and i was an ex helper from indonesian server. I played this game since 2015 (when i'm still on indonesian server), and now i'm joined 《S》Shield Guild. Also i'm well cultured about the game even that i was an Free Player (because of patience and hardwork) even that i was an free player, i really love to play this game :)

Thanks for your time and consideration ~

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by RoW][Mikey » 2017-06-25 13:40

IGN: RoW][Mikey

Level: 40

Available working hours: Most anytime throughout the day (I am on most of the day)


1) Cleared tob normal 55 hard 35 and hell 35

2) Completed heroic path

3) I have helped many players complete tob normal 100 hard up 90 and hell up to 80.

4) I am a member of Lords of War guild

Why me?

I know I don't have the best heroes or the best record by far but I am always trying to get better. And I have accomplished everything I have f2p. I how to arm heroes and if I don't know I can find out. I want to help players reach their personal goals on ptk. I am patient and polite.

I am always in the sea chat room. People like me because I make an effort to help when there aren't any helper in chat. And if I don't know the answers I always find them.

I may not be the best player but I always do my best.

Thank you for your time.

Mikey Stamp

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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by shine***** » 2017-06-26 11:58

IGN: Shinerdel

Working hours: Online daily and most active around 0700 - 0830 , 1130- 1300 , 1800 - 2300 server time


1) Cleared Tower of Babel Normal 100, Hard 100, Hell 85

2) Arena Ranking : Normally Captain - Major

3) Expedition : completed 100% of the Legendary Difficulty

4) Trial: Completed all trial

Why me?

I have played the game for more than 2 years and i understand what had been changing in PTK.

Although many had left but i am still addicted to the game.

I love to propose improvement in the gameplay as i believe this improve the player gaming satisfaction and i am also active in chat .

I believe with my experience in gameplay in arena , trial & babel of tower i can also give good advice for new player as well as experience player.

Thanks for the time & consideration


Duck sauce
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Re: Event: Recruiting Novice Instructor!

Post by Duck sauce » 2017-07-05 5:04

Server- Eng/US also could do SEA if you need me to. English only

IGN- Duck sauce

Level- 40

Availibiity- 0:00 to 16:00 Server Time

In game accomplishments-

I have finished everything in player vs. computer except TOB evil 86 and above. The guide, All expedition, all dungeons, all trials, all hero search, etc... Just the last couple evil TOB battles i'm working on some strong natural element heros to use there now. I have also fused all but one of the fusion heros Evil LuBu. I don't really need him right npw. In player vs. player I'm getting all my unique traits. I have all three defence teams, and can get in top 1500 to 300 in arena. I am the leader of a guild called Ducks that is 29 active players strong. We are getting better, and better coming up on rank 50 and above.

Why I would be a good helper-

I Completly understand all the gameplay mechanics. Such as the armor types and system, the buffs/debuffs, how the stats work like accuracy vs. resistance, and so on. It is easy for me to help new players problem solve. I'm very active in world/normal chat I know and get along with all the regulars real well. Including Bitter the other Helper in US server. And I already help new players all the time so i'm used to it. I also allow new players in my guild I do not level discriminate against lower rlevels. I accept all levels to my guild. It helps get them more interested in the game when there still new. And I'm online more then just about anyone else, and been around since the Roselle events a year and a half to two years ago.

Thanks for the consideration, Duck.

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