Battle Girl Succubus Introduction

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Battle Girl Succubus Introduction

Post by Serenity » 2016-03-17 11:20

Hello, today we will introduce battle girl Succubus. As a guardianof hell, how is Succubus’s performance in

Girls X Battle, we will show you inthis article.

1. General Analysis

Succubus stands in front of all her allies, wielding her trident to defeat her enemies. As a front battle girl, not only Succubus is a traditional front tank, she also has the skill to survive and protect her allies.

2. Attribute and Scroll

As a front tank, Succubus has normal attributes compare with other front battle girls. When she reaches 5 stars, Succubus has 8.4 Strength Growth, 6 Intelligence Growth and 4.5 Agility Growth, which rank at middle level.

The main source of Succubus’s scrolls is from vending machine, and sometime you can try your luck in Store.

3. Skill Analysis

Skill 1: Magic Array; Set a magic array to create a shield to absorb damage,and the absorbed damage will convert HP.

A powerful skill, which can absorb 8000 damage and recover 80000 HP when reach maximum level, both critical in Champion and Campaign.

Skill 2: Blood Sacrifice; Blood Sacrifice a Battle Girl with lowest HP,if is enemy,it will cause magic damage. If is ally,it will heal her.

A skill can be used both on self and ally, healing amount and damage are both good.

Skill 3: Shield of Sun; Use sunlight to create a divine shield to protect weakest ally. When shield fail,it will explode to cause nearby enemies magic damage.

A skill to protect ally, also will create small aoe damage.

Skill 4: Mighty Shield; Summon powerful shield to protect allies from magic damage.

Reduce magic damage for all allies, useful when against Intelligence battle girls.

4. Gear Analysis

Most of Succubus’s gears will increase her HP. Hence, in the latest period, Succubus will have an incredible high HP.

However, the disadvantage is low damage. In general, Succubus has all the elements to be a front tank.

5. Conclusion

The purpose of Succubus is standing between enemies and rear Intelligence battle girls, due to her high HP, she will has a good performance in Champion. With the help of Geisha, Succubus will become impossible to be killed. However, her performance is Top Floor is normal, only useful when against Intelligence battle girls.

Thanks for reading, hope you like it.

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