Hegemony of Warlord Day 1 Battle Report

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Hegemony of Warlord Day 1 Battle Report

Post by Roselle » 2016-11-30 12:26

Good day players of Pocket three Kingdom and Pocket Summoners, the first section of Hegemony of Warlord has now officially ended and troops from each party have been retrieved. Next Roselle will give a detailed commentary of the front-line.

Within this seasons Hegemony, we have finalist that won with great ease and finalist that managed to survive defeat by mare inches! Every Tyrant out there has gathered and only one, just one will be victories. Crowned Champion in the Hegemony!!! Who might it be? Ah, even Roselle is dying to know!

Firstly we have the currently most renowned 圣魈 from Team A

Our player圣魈(From Chinese Server) has over thousands of supporters, perhaps this is one of the reason how he triumphed over his opponent. Not to mention the fact that he didn’t even change his formation throughout the 3 battle!!! IMAGE THAT! A hot shot this powerful has basically overwhelmed the entire Team battle, but will he remain invincible till the end? Participant of the same Team needs to consider a different approach of stopping圣魈, what formation can stop the currently unstoppable.

Battle situation of Team B

Our 冰点&杀神(From Chinese Server), has the second most support. Unfortunately, only managed to be ranked 17th after entering the top 32. But this brought our anticipation for Biscuitman(From PTK Server) to a whole new level, will he be able to maintain his current pace and qualify… Within this Team there are a variety of impressive participants, the fearless Smareo(From PTK Server) and 给我抽5星(From Chinese Server)!! Let’s not forget to mention the awesome match between给我抽5星 and 大燃社 誅邪… his Holy Xu Huang with his own special unique armor, along with Xu Huang’s passive skill, thus greatly reduced the chance of receiving critical hit. Did you know!! He won the first battle with a miracle of 1 vs. 3. Wow, Just amazing.

Battle situation of Team C

The overall strength of 3 participants in Team C’s is basically equal, with 2 wins out of 3 battles. With the exception of 《S》Darren(From Indonesia Server), who managed win all 3 battles, oh ya!!! Roselle wonders who will be able to overpower the others and qualify, let’s all stay tuned and found out. Most likely, player loktin also has over thousands of supporters. Perhaps with all this supporters his combat powers might greatly improved.

Battle situation of Team D

행복하냥 (From Korea Server), not only did he manage to win all 3 battles. He also has the support of the majority of players. By combining the power of his Holy Lady Mi, Evil Vinicio and Holy Aurora, he manages to immobilize and greatly affect the skill CD of his opponent. But, the fact remains that his high damage and multiple debuff was what dealt the finishing blow to his opponent. At the same time we can see that only a small portion of players are supporting the participants in Team D, yet in all 3 battles critical hits are being thrown like cakes on the 1st and 2nd round. That’s not all…they actually annihilated the whole team in just 2 round. Leave no space for his opponent to strike back. Shall we await their ultimate collision?

Only one can be Superior, and the Hegemony’s final king will eventually be decided. Who shall have the Throne of Kings? Let’s all stay tuned, while Roselle continues to broadcast the battle to all of you.

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