Tiger Domination Tournament Season 2

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Tiger Domination Tournament Season 2

Post by Goddess » 2018-05-14 3:58

The Second Season of Tiger Domination Tournament Has Begun!

Fight players from other servers on your level group!

Just like the first season Tiger Domination, this tournament is divided into 2 server groups:
- Americas Server
- Oceanic Server

And it will be further separated into 5 level groups:
- Group 1[Lv100 - Lv129]
- Group 2[Lv130 - Lv159]
- Group 3[Lv160 - Lv179]
- Group 4[Lv180 - Lv199]
- Group 5[Lv200+]

Registration time
Americas Server: May 14th, 10:00 AM - May 15th, 11:30 AM
Oceanic Server: May 15th, 10:00 AM - May 16th 11:30 AM

After registration period starts, the Tiger Domination button will appear under Big Match category for qualified players.

Click the feature to view the tournament timetable, sign up, or edit lineup.

Registration rules
- Level requirement: Lv100
First playoff will begin 1.5 hours after registration period ends
- Only players who signed up during the registration period will be able to participate in this event

Playoff rules
1. All registered players will participate in the knockout Match. Until there are only 128 players left.
2. All 128 qualified players will be randomly assigned into 8 groups. The players in the same group will fight each other to decide the final rank.
3. Players will fight for three rounds, each round is called Front March, Middle Troops, and Rear Guard. The winner will be decided with Best of 5 rule.

Special Buffs
Players will fight three times with different formations against one opponent, each formation gives characters certain bonus, maximize your advantage by utilizing your formation buffs!
Front March: All team members STR will receive a 20% Boost
Middle Troops: All team members Skill will receive a 20% Boost
Rear Guard: All team members Magic will receive a 20% Boost

Character Status
Each team member (including Main Character) will receive different buff depending on the number of fights they participate in.
Moraled: Participating the first time, HP, STR, Skill, and Magic are increased by 20%
Second Wind: Participating the second time, all attributes remain unchanged
High Fatigue: Participating the third time, HP, STR, Skill, and Magic will be decreased by 20%.

Good luck and have fun!^^
STK Operational Team

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