June 12 Update Patch Notes

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June 12 Update Patch Notes

Post by Goddess » 2018-06-11 11:10

Hello everyone!

Good news! The new patch is here! We bring a lot of new content for you this time!

Maintenance Time:

16:00, June 12, to 16:30, June 12, in SGT

04:00, June 12 to 04:30, June 12 in EST

Servers will be DOWN during the maintenance duration andplayers will NOT be able to login into the game. For your data safety, pleasesign out of the game in advance to avoid any unexpected loss.

Patch Notes

VIP Privileges Notes

--- Honor Inventory Unlocked for VIP 5 (or Higher) players!

***(Note: Players who unlocked Honor Inventory need to consume Gold to unlock the slot!)***

--- New VIP Level Unlocked (VIP 13 --- VIP15)

VIP 13 Privileges

VIP 13 Exclusive Privilege Giftbox

VIP 13 Exclusive Daily Free Giftbox

VIP 13 Exclusive Title: Dragon down toEarth

VIP 14 Privileges

VIP 14 Exclusive Privilege Giftbox

VIP 14 Exclusive Daily Free Giftbox

VIP 14 Exclusive Title: King of DivineEagle

VIP 15 Privileges

VIP 15 Exclusive Privilege Giftbox

VIP 15 Exclusive Daily Free Giftbox

VIP 15 Exclusive Title: Grand Sage

VIP 15 Exclusive Luxury Giftbox

***(Note: Players who unlocked Luxury Giftbox need to consume Gold to unlock the slot!)***

Partner Notes

--- 1 New Saint Partner Unlocked: Saint Cao Cao

Class: General

Saint Technique: Fate Decider

Elite Armor Notes

---1 New Elite Armor Added: Mecha of Eschanton Saint Feng Xian

Costume Notes

--- 1 New Costume of Main Character Added

King’s Chariot

Mount Notes

--- 1 New Mount Added

Divine Phoenix Mount

Anima Notes

--- 2 New Animas Added

Anima Confident

Rarity: Legendary

Anima Hermit

Rarity: Mystic

Ascension Notes

--- Saint Yun Chang can Fly to Heaven (Ascension)now. (in ‘Skill --- Saint Technique’ feature)

--- Saint Feng Xian can Fly to Heaven(Ascension) now. (in ‘Skill --- Saint Technique’ feature)

--- Saint Cao Cao can Fly to Heaven(Ascension) now. (in ‘Skill --- Saint Technique’ feature)

Constellation Notes

--- 2 New Saint Constellations Added

Saint Qing Long: Provides Extra Stun Resist&. Hit

Saint Xuan Wu: Provides Extra HP &.S.DEF

Achievement Notes

--- VIP Exclusive Achievement: NobelNobility can be upgraded to LV.XV now.

Game Optimization Notes

--- New Events Development

---Mount &. Following Cards’Illustration Entrance Optimizations

Players can view them in the same windownow

--- Regular Events Optimizations

--- Various Bugs Fixed

Thanks for playing Sexy ThreeKingdoms! If you have any suggestions or feedbacks for our game, please feelfree to post them anywhere! You can start a discussion in the Forums, contactus on Facebook, or send us a message via the GM Button!


STK Operation Team

June 11

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