Introduction of 【Eden】

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Introduction of 【Eden】

Post by Angel » 2017-03-23 12:38

【Requirement of Unlocking】

My Heroes, when you reach Lv120 and complete the relevant Instance, you are able to unlock Eden.

Click it and you will enter the Sanctuary.

After you entering into it, you can find the NPC and talk to him. Then you will see the interface.

Choose Eden to Accompony Goddess


1.VIP0-4 can accompany 1 Goddess, VIP5-8 can accompany 2 Goddess, VIP9-12 can accompany 3 Goddess;

2.Each Goddess can accompany 8 hours at most if not be robbed and you can accompany the Goddess for the rest time;

3. You can’t refresh Goddess from 5:55 am each Monday, because from 6 to 6:10 am all Goddess are dressing up. Reward of Goddess who is being accompanied will be sent at 6 and available at 6:10;

4.Inspire takes effect in all battles in Goddess Loneliness, which means it will take effect no matter in robbing or defending.

5.You can refresh Goddess for 5 times every day and rob others’ Goddess for 5 times.

6.Accompanying the Goddess will gain Experience and Silver. You can get them by clicking the Goddess.


1.when you are finishing accompanying or your Goddess is robbed by others, you will see an envelope at the bottom of the screen.

2.As a new system, Eden will constantly improve in all aspects. If you have any suggestions, please contact to us.

Blade of Queen Operation Team