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2015-02-07 7:46
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Topic: Wedding Picture
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Wedding Picture

Wedding Picture

is a force more formidable than any other.

It is invisible - it cannot
be seen or measured,

yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a

and offer you more joy than any material possession could.

I love my wifey.. :))

S9 Maxine Brenner

S9 Kai Sugg

2014-09-22 16:40
Forum: Guides & FAQ
Topic: Details on Atrribute
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Re: Details on Atrribute


Just for more details..

Miss : Posibility miss incoming attack

And about block,when u block that 100% counter except from assassin attack and maybe some skill (Like skill area damage)

Nice Guide..

Cygan Midway

S6 Fortunes

[/quote] Thanks for the info, Cheers :))

2014-09-22 7:56
Forum: Guides & FAQ
Topic: Details on Atrribute
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Details on Atrribute

Dear All,Newbies always having problems of understand each attribute and what to focus on battle art, soul stone stats etc. This is some explanation of each attiribute1) HP = Your Health2) Initiation = If you got higher numbers than your opponents, you will take first attack 3) P. Atk = Normal Attac...
2014-09-22 6:19
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Topic: Equip Materials for LV60-160
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Equip Materials for LV60-160

Dear All,I believe start from LV70 we will be struggling for equipment materials. Sometimes either it show up in vendor but we dont really sure how much do we need from it and stocked wrong numbers.This is some sharing of equip materials for LV60-160. Unfortunetly I got only mandarion version.It wil...
2014-09-20 6:33
Forum: News & Events
Topic: Report Bug and Get a High Grade Constellation
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Re: Report Bug and Get a High Grade Constellation

by » Yesterday, 14:48 [quote="Goddess"]Hi,Have you tried clearing cookies / caches? It should clear up the problems [/quote]Yes.It doesn't help much. The lag,loading issues is still there.Its been on the news that there are something wrong with Pacific ...
2014-09-16 3:25
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Topic: Tips for Slow Server Response
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Tips for Slow Server Response

Dear all,Good Day.I believe Unifi or Streamyx users been facing same problems with me recently. You do feel server slow response and we always got DC even need to load for long time right? Yeah I just got confirm that Unifi is blocking some China website and P2P software. (
2014-09-14 18:11
Forum: Customer Support
Topic: Recharge via Paypal Failed
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Re: Recharge via Paypal Failed

It works fine for me here, just recharge 1 min ago with PayPal.

Shouldnt be the game problem. It should be from your side.


1) Try clear cache in your browser option setting

2) Relog Paypal make sure you key in the correct username and password

Hope it helps.

2014-09-08 9:54
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Topic: Some Guide for newbies
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Some Guide for newbies

Guys, I have been playing this for a month and willing to share some thought of the game. Hope it will helps some players. In Sexy Three Kingdom, there are three types of job. 1) Swordman - Balancing Job (Evade and Damage) 2) Assasin - Damaging Job ( Critical & Fatality, Pain in the ass )3) ...
2014-09-08 9:26
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Topic: Chrome for Multi-User Account
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Chrome for Multi-User Account

Hi all,I believe some players do play multi account/ Helping friends for events BUT we all do finds that typing in username and password for differen account for signing in is annoying.Here is the tricks may help you a bit on that - Google Chrome. 1) Download & Install2) Open up Chrome Brows...