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by DeathX
2017-08-02 9:49
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Topic: initiation
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im im still fearly new to the game i started liike 2month ago nad i need some tip how to get higher initioationright now i have art thing max to lvl 30 and im using the 9999gold mariage ring at lvl 8 alsmot lvl 9 but im losing against some one with 800k power under me cuz he always atk first and due...
by DeathX
2017-06-09 3:25
Forum: Guides & FAQ
Topic: Star Technique
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Re: Star Technique

is it posible to update the picture it dosnt work for me im not able to see it and i resently got godlike lu bu so i would like to know when ima be able to start upgrading him to saint since it dosnt seem like i have that option at my lvl (96)