Recruiting Novice Instructors

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Recruiting Novice Instructors

Post by Serenity » 2016-03-08 11:35

Girls X Battle is now recruiting Novice Instructors for closed beta test! We are looking for experienced players who are willing to help newcomers to have a better understanding about Girls X Battle! We also prepare abundant reward for Novice Instructors! So what are you still waiting for?

【Novice Instructor - List of Duties】:

1. Enthusiastically and correctly answer newcomers’ questions about Girls X Battle;

2. Help new players learn about game's details and mechanism;

3. Notify players about Events and Announcements;

4. Keeping the communication channels active at all times and report any wrong behavior ASAP;

5. Working Time: Total in-game online time must be at least 3 hours per day.

(Please contact us for a specific time.)

【Novice Instructor - Recruitment Details】:

Recruitment Time: Now – March. 9 2016 24:00 GMT+8.

Available Positions:3

Interested player can send an application via Email to, listing in-game Nickname and Level. If you are selected, GM will also contact you via email.

Application Example:Nickname:Game Master,Level:12.

【Novice Instructors - Rewards】:2500 diamonds Weekly

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