Girls X Battle Open Beta Events!

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Girls X Battle Open Beta Events!

Post by Serenity » 2016-03-10 12:31

Girls X Battle Open Beta Events!

Thank you all for supporting our game during Closed Beta and Girls X Battle are now launching Open Beta Server! The new Open Beta Server: Registration will be launching on March 11th 10:00 GMT +8 Time; meanwhile the Closed Beta Server will end on March 10th 23:59 GMT +8 Time. We have prepared various exciting events for all players to enjoy our gaming experience!

#Andorid Download :

#Girlx Battle Official Website:

#Facebook Page :

#Twitter :

#Open Beta First Event: 7 Days Non Stop Celebration!
Time: Mar. 11th- Mar. 17th
During the period, players can claim your #sign in rewards daily, which include a free Battle Girl Archie single target burster! Please note the gift will be expired if you don’t claim it in time, so don’t miss out!

#Open Beta Second Event:Exchange With Gift Points, Easy Earned On Items You Need!
Time: Mar. 11th- Mar. 17th
During 7 days after making an account, complete certain in-game activities daily will earn gift points. Gift points may use for exchanging items, all the gift points will be cleared out after 10 days.

#Open Beta Third Even: 7 Days Goal- Legendary Battle Girl Reward Awaits You!
Time: Mar. 11th- Mar. 17th
Once you achieve 7 Days Goal on Academy Level requirement, you will earn a corresponding Legendary Battle Girl!

#Open Beta Fourth Event:Battle Girl’s Precious First Time..
Time: Permanent
On your first Recharge in any amount, you will receive a Battle Girl Gambler for reward! Along with other reward items, so please be gentle to her.

#Open Beta Fifth Event:Battle Girl‘s Investment Fund, With 8x Amount Of Diamonds In Return!
Time: Permanent
Purchase the investment fund now, you will get total of 6400 Diamonds in return!
And you only need 800 Diamonds to purchase the investment fund if you are VIP2 or above.

#Open Beta Sixth Event: Achievement on Accumulated Recharge Amount, A Five Stars Battle Girl Zhi-Yao is here waiting for you!
Time: Permanent
Once accumulated Recharge amount reaches 980 Diamonds, you will earn a great reward with Five Stars Legendary Battle Girl- Zhi Yao. A must have battle girl if you wish to dominate in Girls X Battle!

After hearing all the events, what are you waiting for? Hurry and take your action to join us in Open Beta!

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Re: Girls X Battle Open Beta Events!

Post by Distareria » 2016-05-19 7:00


Can i ask where am i able to access the fifth event Battle Girl‘s Investment Fund, With 8x Amount Of Diamonds In Return! ?

Thanks! :)

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