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Voucher Code

Post by daputrika » 2017-09-21 21:45

Top up your favorite android games using the Google Play Voucher code via UniPin.

Easy way ..

1. Go to URL: https://www.unipin.co.id/games/details/id/863

2. Click "Buy" on the nominal you want

3. Choose one of the Payment Methods you want:

- CIMB Click

- BCA ClickPay

- ePay BRI

- Mandiri Clickpay

- KlikBCA

Then enter the email and click "Checkout".

4. Confirm par and then click "Pay Now"

5. After the checkout process on the payment method page, you will be guided to the UniPin website page and will show proof of payment.

6. Successful transactions and you will receive an email containing the purchased Google Play Voucher Code.

#Google play #UniPin

How easy is it Sahabat? Want to play the game? Want to buy E-book? Want to buy an app? Movie rental from Google Play? Anyway all Google Play services can now be found in UniPin !! No need to use credit cards, do not have a headache, do not have the risk of falling for buy in the place is not clear, just visit our website and also look forward to other promos - exciting promo at www.unipin.co.id/

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