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Post by blessing313@gmail.com » 2016-03-17 19:47

I would like to ask what the letters A M R P stand for on the battle girl card. Do they mean that the battle girls are of a certain sort of role play? What VIP level will one attain when they buy the monthly gem pack? Where is the SX vending machine? Previously in the beta test the SX vending machine were together with the rest of the vending machines. Are they only available when you recharge gems?

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Re: Q&A

Post by telsek » 2016-03-31 20:08

Not sure what they exactly mean, but the letters stand for:

A = Aladrinn

M = Milerra

P = Perity

R = Rania

On purpose of them is to restrict the available Girls in each Challenge mode.

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Re: Q&A

Post by Aoi Kami@google » 2016-04-01 5:14

SX Vending Machine only available when you are VIP 9 which means you need to buy 2 10,000 Diamond packs for SGD $280.84.

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