Battle Girls List

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Battle Girls List

Post by superdts » 2016-05-12 5:14

Hi Team,

Any chance of getting some help on listing all known battle girls in a POST? i tried searching google but no luck at all, it would really help if we can have a look at all available girls and their skills.


Battle Girl: Annie

Primary Attribute: INT

Skill 1 : Shred Void - Drain an Enemy's HP and transfer to self.
Skill 2 : Doom Blast - Detonate huge amount of energy, cause large area magic damage.
Skill 3 : Outer Heaven - Lock an enemy, the locked enemy uses physical attack only and take physical damage, also suffer additional damage when hit by a spell.
Skill 4 : Magic Lotus - Increase stats to boost all allies' spell resistance.

Battle Girl: Fanny

Primary Attribute: INT

Skill 1 : Wind Chain - Silence all enemies and force silenced enemies to use physical attack only.
Skill 2 : Last Word - Silence an enemy and force her to attack without magaic.
Skill 3 : Chaos Strike - Use magic to attack enemies in certain area, cause magic damage and lose MP.
Skill 4 : Wind Strike - Attack with wind magic to cause enemy divine damage.

Anyone intersted in helping with this?

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