Starting off on the right foot: Level by level guide

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Starting off on the right foot: Level by level guide

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This game provides many shortcuts and efficient ways of blasting through the game which if exploited early on in the game (and in particular, a new server), can help you to maintain a high rank in PvP for those delicious rewards.

Starting off

Before you even log in, choose the most recent server. If you don't you'll forever be stuck at the bottom of the PvP ladder, meaning less rewards. If that doesn't concern you, don't worry about that.



Exchange Gift with Point event

For 7 days after registration, doing normal activities gives you points to exchange for items.

In order of importance:

Aquaris scrolls>PSP>Kanto Food (stamina)>everything else. That's right, after getting Aquaris and PSP, everything else on stamina. Stamina is everything in this game.

7 days after registration, you'll receive a free BG based on your level.

37 for Leona (almost worthless), 40 for Toys Girl (useful), 43 for Cynthia (PvP monster).

If you follow this guide exactly and complete events that give free stamina, you'll be able to reach 41 comfortably without paying a cent (I got to level 40, halfway to 41 without foreknowledge of the game), but 43 will be nigh impossible without paying money.

First Recharge Reward

If you're serious about PvP, pay even $1 and you'll set yourself way ahead of the F2P players if you purchase as soon as you register (yes, this is a Pay-2-Win game). You get a strong BG, more stamina recharges daily and a one off gold+diamond boost, along with other minor benefits.

Daily free stamina

Throughout the day, there are 3 periods (12-2pm, 6-8pm, 9-12am) which will provide free stamina by simply pressing Mission>Collect free stamina. Get all 3 if time allows. Total 240 stamina, equivalent to 20 hours worth of stamina.

FB Events

FB thumb up event, like the page for free stuff if the page reaches a new milestone since you liked it. FB Puzzle event. Get people to click a link, get free stuff. Do it. ... rce=search

Level 1-10 (Day 1)

Spam normal campaigns. Finish Daily Tasks for buttloads of EXP. Finish Main Tasks for diamonds. Don't worry about which BGs you use.

Level 10-14 (Day 1)

*Daily tasks

*Normal campaigns (save raid cards until Elite is unlocked)

*Top floor unlocked

Spam normal campaigns, get as far as you can until you die, then repeat the ones you can finish on AUTO mode. Save your raid cards (you get these from a Daily Task and other sources) until you unlock Elite.

DO NOT buy ANYTHING from the Small Exp Juice machine except the free draws.

Begin skilling and gearing your BGs. Aquaris will last you a long time, so will Lavia. Lightin will fall off once you draw better 2*/3*, but until then she's veery useful. If you draw any 2* BGs or obtain them from events, keep them levelled as well. When skilling, press and hold on skill up. Your BGs will level naturally during campaigns.

Top Floor is unlocked (one form of this game's PvP, see tips at end of guide). Fight people with as low attack power as you can, make your battles as late as possible in the day incase someone snipes your rank. You'll get tonnes of diamonds for reaching a new rank, particularly if you're on a new server.

Level 14-20 (Day 2)

*Store unlocked

*Elite unlocked

*Quiz unlocked

*Draw 288 medium juice machine or save up for 10 draws at once

Keep checking your Daily Tasks, as new ones will be unlocked fairly quickly. Finish all of them.

The Store and Elite are unlocked. Don't buy anything from the store. Quit doing normal campaigns and start spamming Elite for BG scrolls. You want to evolve all your 1 star BGs as soon as possible. Once you finish your 3 rounds per Elite campaign, go back to normal. To speed things up, send Lightin alone on an easy mission and if her ult one shots everyone, you'll clear it lighting fast. If you're lazy and can't complete Elite missions on AUTO, just use raid cards if you 3-starred it before.

The Quiz is unlocked. Finish it if you can, as it requires fairly specific BG lineups.

By now you should be reaching ~288 diamonds. If you're doing well on PvP/FB events etc, wait until you reach 2590 diamonds for the 10 draw. Either way, once you've drawn a 2*/3* from the Medium Exp Juice machine, buy stamina every chance you get, and buy ONLY the 10x gold if you ever run out of cash for skilling up your BGs.

If you haven't already been doing so, begin hunting gear to promote your main team. For each BG, check where you get their equipment for promotion. Prioritize Elite campaigns over normal.

Level 20-25 (Day 3)

*Lab unlocked

Lab is unlocked. Enchant all 1 star equipment on your PvP team as it's fully refunded when promoting.

Complete Elite campaigns, main tasks, quiz, then spam normal. Buy stamina, gold if necessary.

Level 25-30 (Day 4~5)

*Challege unlocked

Challenge is unlocked. Don't stress if you can't complete it, it's not too important.

If you've been doing well in PvP, you'll be getting points to spend in the Top Floor Exchange. Buy the BG with the lowest scroll cost first as a general rule. ATM, it's Saint, Succuba and Elvis. Saint is 30 scrolls, others are 80. Get Saint.

Complete Elite campaigns, main tasks, quiz/challenge, then spam normal. Buy stamina, gold if necessary.

Level 30-42 (Day 5~7)

*Champion unlocked

*Guild unlocked

Champion is unlocked (see tips at end of guide). General rule of thumb: Have 1 healer (Geisha/ Nurse/ Joan), 2 nukers with high mana regen (Lightin, Lavia), 2 frontliners (Aquaris, Joan, Leona). Switch in low mana regen nukers to charge their ultimates early and use them to blast through stronger enemies. Learn to interrupt enemy ultimates. Press Pause and restart each battle if it's not going well for you. Restart Champion first thing each day, then complete at the end of the day when your team is stronger. Open the Mystic Chest if you've done at least 2x10 draws in the MEJ machine.

Guild is unlocked. Join any guild for a free 10 stamina (free drink) and a source of AFK gold (lending girls). Be sure to use other guild member's BGs in Champion.

Reset Champion. Complete daily tasks. Complete Elite campaigns, main tasks, quiz/challenge, then spam normal. Buy stamina, gold if necessary.

Level 42-46 (Day 7~12)

*Workplace unlocked

Workplace is unlocked. Free AFK gold and diamonds, higher attack power, more rewards. You can also raid other's workplaces, but it won't be worth it until around level 45+ as the cost for searching for a new workplace is 2K gold. Otherwise, raid if you have spare time.

If you've been doing well in Champion, you'll be getting Trophies to spend in the Champion Exchange. Same idea, lowest scroll cost first. ATM it's Tennese, Wildtress and Blowie. Tenesse is 10 scrolls, Blowie/Wildtress 30. Tennesse will greatly speed up campaign grinding. Blowie and Wildtress are all round strong BGs.

By now you should have plenty of Raid Cards. I recommend to only do campaigns with raid cards, as you already have Quiz/Challenge/Champion/PvP/Workplace raiding to do that can't be skipped.

Level 46+

Chapter 7 is unlocked, as well as Guild events. It's a daily task, so complete it.

Champion tips

Restart a battle by Pausing>X button.

Early stages are lower levelled, so charge up low mana regen BGs ultimates first. Afterwards, keep spamming high mana regen BGs to blast through taking minimal damage. Bring a healer.

Wildtress is almost a necessity at later stages, where the enemy will have pre-charged ultimates. Borrow a guildmate's Wildtress early on to charge her ultimate.

Enemy Wildtresses are your worst nightmare. Use pure damage ultimates to clear her shield, then use ultimates which can stun to interrupt enemy ultimates. Otherwise, take your chance and wait for the shield to expire.

PvP tips

Have your highest attack power/ highest star rating BGs on defence (even if the overall synergy is bad) to scare off most attackers.

Finish your last couple battles as late as possible to prevent rank sniping.

My other guide

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