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Getting Started: Girls X Battle Intro

Posted: 2016-03-06 7:23
by Serenity

Girls X Battle: Master, we are coming!

Girls X Battle is not only a game about traditional card game competing luck, but also requires detailed strategic thinking. In Girls X Battle, there are multiple battle girls who possess unique skills and weapons. As their master, you need to select them to form different teams to conquer various enemies. In addition, every one of them will be greatly useful once equipped with right gears. In order to defeat different enemies, the more battle girls you have, the more battle combination you can select.

Girls X Battle is a game combines summoning battlegirls and strategic thinking. When players enjoy our game, only concerning the various skills of battle girls is not enough, also need to consider about rightful gears and delicate operation. Meanwhile, competition between players and interesting story line will enrich the game content greatly.


Girls X Battle’s Campaign is happened in Japanese high school, but unlike other traditional Japanese style games. Not only designs of Battle girls in this game is modern style, but also their catch phrases, which will let you feel the leisure atmosphere.During Campaign, each battle girl’s unique dialogue is the key to make her sound like alive.

Battle girls

Thereis an old saying: Anything can be done by right battle girls. As the major featureof Girls X Battle, there are more than 50 Battle girls for you to collect. Theyare from different academies, and each of them has distinct background story.

Power Up

There are 4 different methods to power up your Battle girls including level up, evolve, skill up and promote. After collecting 6 certain gears, you can promote battle girl; Level up requires EXP, which Battlegirls can gain from clearing dungeons or drinking EXP juice directly; Scrolls of Battle girls not only can be used to summon, but also used to evolve; Skill up will increase the level of skills, which can boost the power of skills. Each battle girl possesses 4 unique skills, which can be unlocked after evolving.


There are many highly trained monsters trying to stop you. Defeat them all to achieve the final victory!


As the key of Girls X Battle, battle system can control the physical attack, andyou decide when to release the skills. The skill is available when MP is full,hold the battle girl’s icon and drag to enemy, then release the skill. If you still confuse, there is a lovely tutor waiting in game to teach you.

The battle in Girls X Battle is a game based on timing, which means the time of releasing skills in the key. Meanwhile, adjust your team defending on facing different situations, and try not using 1 team to confront all enemies.


Academy EXP, coins, battle girl EXP and gears are available after winning battles.Speaking of the gears, the first things jump into your mind will be sword,armor and spear. However, in Girls X Battle, they are cell, Books, Toy hammer and so on.

(Hint: Check the description of gears, you will find interesting things.)


Here are you can enjoy multiple EXP juice.Blue items can be guaranteed to have by purchasing 10 times, also 5 free times daily you don’t want to miss. Battle girl can be summoned by purchasing 10 medium EXP juice, also 1 free time in 48 hours. SX is used to summon most powerful Battle girls, and you may have a powerful Battle girl by only spend 388diamonds.


Countless products are available in Store for you to choose. In additional, Store will be refreshed in time.


Here,you can enhance your gear, which will increase your Battle girls’ stats again.Different gears have 3 different enhancing levels, any gear can be material used to enhance.


Short of coins, come here. 4 working teams, 3 locations for you to consider, and reward includes diamond, coins and EXP juice. Feel boring? Raiding others’outcome will also be a good choice.

Quiz& Challenge

Quiz and challenge will help to test your Battle girls, 4 types of difficulty for you to choose, and will be available every day.




Wealth,partner, strength, all you want is here. You shall stand above us all after suffering frustration, failure, even death. Once you are powerful enough, thenyou can claim everything. HP and MP won’t be reset here, and fallen Battle girls can’t be revived, only 1 chance for every player to join daily. Once you conquer enemy, you can unlock the chest to collect abundant reward like coins,gears even Battle girls. Don’t forget to exchange reward in Store.


Top Floor: 5 free times for every player daily, battle will be in auto, and reward will be sent via mail daily.

1 on1: Total 3 battles first player wins 2 battles will be winner, beginners can seal 2nd and 3rd teams; Player whose scores above 2000 can conceal all teams. 5 free times for every player, and challenging failed won’t lost any score.

Top Floor

1 on 1


Afternoon tea can be used to replenish your stamina; also can share with other members. In addition, you will be paid by lending your Battle girls to others. Also increase guild activity level to unlock more dungeons.

So, don’t you want to join us? Hurry to joinus, collect Battle girls and unlock your path to domination!

Weare eager to hear from you, deeply appreciate for your support!

Re: Getting Started: Girls X Battle Intro

Posted: 2016-04-06 12:30
by Gonzalo Ortiz@fb

SX vending machine? Thats a future feature right? Because I dont see it in-game, at least not on Server1.

Re: Getting Started: Girls X Battle Intro

Posted: 2016-04-14 4:29
by Yannick Vankerkhove@google

[quote="Gonzalo Ortiz@fb"]

SX vending machine? Thats a future feature right? Because I dont see it in-game, at least not on Server1.



You need to be VIP9 in order to unlock this feature. :)