June 27 Update Patch Notes

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June 27 Update Patch Notes

Post by Goddess » 2018-06-26 8:56

Hello everyone!

Good news! The new patch is here!

Maintenance Time:

16:00, June 27, to 16:30, June 27, in SGT

04:00, June 27 to 04:30, June 27 in EST

Servers will be DOWN during the maintenance duration andplayers will NOT be able to login into the game. For your data safety, pleasesign out of the game in advance to avoid any unexpected loss.

Patch Notes

Angel Skill Notes

--- 2 New Angel Skills Added

Angel Skill: Calm Down

Angel Skill: Unite Allies

Pet Notes

--- 1 New Pet Added

Pet: Fire Horse

Skill: Sacrifice

Mount Notes

--- 2 New Mounts Added

Mount: Divine Kongo

Mount: Golden Dragon Boat

Achievement Notes

--- 1 New Achievement Added (Elementary Force)

Ultimate Principle

Imperial Edict Notes

--- New Level Cap of Imperial Edict Unlocked (LV.7)

Title Notes:

--- 3 New Titles Added

Beneth the Mask

Attribute: Magic+20

Surging Beast

Attribute: STR+20

Windwalk Wolf

Attribute: Skill+20

New Feature Development:

--- Strategist Feature (Beta Ver.)

Entrance: Main Screen --- Feature Hall ---Strategist

Optimization Notes:

--- Events Optimizations:

Golden Dianthus Event (Rules Adjustment)

Guessing Game Event (Reward Adjustments)

Tea Egg Event (Reward Adjustments)

Ma Qyang Hegemony Event (Reward Adjustments)

7th Gold Harmony Event (NewMount)

--- Game Optimizations:

Various Bugs Fixed

Imperial Edict Display Bug Fixed

Thanks for playing Sexy ThreeKingdoms! If you have any suggestions or feedbacks for our game, please feelfree to post them anywhere! You can start a discussion in the Forums, contactus on Facebook, or send us a message via the GM Button!


STK Operation Team

June 27

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