Weekend Great Return Gold Event has started!

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Weekend Great Return Gold Event has started!

Post by Goddess » 2018-09-14 12:27

    Hello everyone! Great Return Gold event is online now! Tons of extra gold and precious items are waiting for you!

Event Time ( GMT+8 ) : September 15th, 23:50:00 – September 18th, 23:50
Event Time ( EST ) : September 15th, 11:50:00 – September 18th, 11:50

During the event period, your first recharge will give you 100% Gold Bonus! Also, once your recharge amount reaches 7,200 Gold (Around $60 USD with bonus from Event 1) you will get another 100% Bonus Gold on your Second Highest Recharge transaction during the Event period!
(Note: This bonus Gold will be automatically sent to your mail after the event ends)
Ranged Server : All Server