What customer support

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What customer support

Post by gregkmurrell@gmail.com » 2018-06-22 21:12

So, I have been reporting the same issue for 3 days now. You gave us a new recharge interface, and it just doesn't work. I have tried to contact from within the game 3 times. I have posted in this forum, and I have contacted you via your Facebook page. The only response of any type I have gotten was on the Facebook page, and they simply asked me what payment method I was using. Not sure why you call this customer support, because it most certainly is not! Maybe just write some canned responses on a piece of paper and let a chicken run around on it until it craps on one. Then you could give that answer. It would beat the just ignore them method you currently use.

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Re: What customer support

Post by Cricketeer_S154 » 2018-09-02 11:48

Yes I have seen SO MANY people complain about the incredible shittiness :x with the customer support of these games. And with the constant spam always sent to everyone to try to get people to spend money on this game all of the time, don't they know, no one is going to want to give their hard earned $$$$ to a company that doesn't seem to give a shit about it's customers or their concerns. Take a hint guys!!!

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